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 About the Artiste

Carolina de Ruiter,Amstredam

Carolina was born in 1956 into a musical family, in Amstredam. She experimented with many different styles of music : Western classical, jazz, piano, flute and voice.

At the age of 22, she first came in contact with Indian classical music and started learning through singing and later playing the bamboo flute (bansuri). After 2 years, she met her most influential teacher Shri Biresh Roy in Kolkata. She then undertook the Guru-Shishya parampara of learning music.

After six years of training, Carolina got the degrees of Sangeet Bharati and Sangeet Prabhakar (Bachelors). She also studied at the Sangeet Research Academy, the largest and most prestigious academy for vocal music in India.

Since her return to the Netherlands in 1992, she not only sings and teaches Indian traditional music, but she also conducts experiments in which the musical styles of different cultures come together.

Carolina performs a complete concert, in which she sings meditative ragas, devotional and romantic songs from Bengal.

In 1995 she started to learn Kendo, a Japanese fencing sport. Through Kendo it was possible for her to go to Japan. In Japan she finally came in contact with Zen Buddhism; a life long wish came true.
Now she spends her summers in Kyoto to study Zen Buddhism under the guidance of -Zen-master Sekko Tanaka. In 2002 she became officially his student and he gave her the name KO-RAN, which means orchid's scent. He inspired her to make a fusion with the Japanese Buddhist Sutra and Indian Classical melodies.

email: cdruiter@xs4all.nl