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Bombay Vikings,Mumbai

Bombay Vikings were formed in 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. Mats introduced Neeraj Shridhar (lead singer) to Oscar Soderberg. This brought together three very talented musicians- each experienced in his own field. The band was born primarily because all the musicians shared one interest in common –the love for Indian melodies- be it in Hindi films or Classical Music.

Neeraj with his voice control, diction and sheer range became sound vocals base. His ability to pull strings on the guitar and to compose and write songs – ranging from pop rock, jazz, hip-hop, soul and reggae- took the band to a higher plane.

Mats – the man with tremendous lungpower-brought in the rich sounds of the saxophone. Mats, a specialist in jazz, used this knowledge to profit while composing for the new band.

Mats & Johan Folke, a Keyboard specialist used their years of exposure to the different genre of music to work magic on the keys of the synthesizer.

The band was soon joined by Morgan on the drums, Par on the bass and Staffan as a Lead guitarist.

Bombay Vikings were now complete and begin performance live all over Sweden and Norway. When all the musicians got together and began jamming, little did they know that they would be coming out with a new form of music. But the thirst to do something creative for the India - the land of their preferred brand of music – was always there.

For although Neeraj had shifted base to Sweden his heart still swayed to the music of Indian tunes such as Oh Mere Sona Re, Mere Sapon Ki Rani, and Mere Samne Wale Khidki Mein played constantly in his mind but soon he realized that though the tunes rang clearly in his melodies the words came with difficulty.

His album apart from the above-mentioned songs had the title song “KYA SURAT HAI” which made immediate recognition with the youth. The album remained on the top of all chartbusters for almost 11months. Thus increasing the popularity of Bombay Vikings all over the world.

Bombay Vikings were back again with their next album “Woh Chali Woh Chali.” The video is all about how the sheer exuberance of the music makes the crowd forget their blues and sway away to the rhythm. Neeraj, the lead singer, gets the crowd to groove to the title track, what with the infectious enthusiasm that his singing emanates.

Bombay Vikings' next album,"Hawa Mein Udati Jaaye" was released recently at a swanky Mumbai night-club, on September 12 Neeraj Shridhar gave a small performance on the occasion and those present couldn’t help but groove to his dance numbers.Neeraj, alongwith Shivaji Gupta, vice-president A&R/Commercial, Universal Music India, spoke about his new album and gave a preview of the video and the tracks. He spoke about his musical influences and how he misses India since he lives in Sweden. Though comfortable with Swedish than English or Hindi, he spoke extensively in Hindi, explaining that he rarely got the chance to speak in Hindi otherwise. He also sang a special ghazal that his dad had composed for him.

The album has nine new heart beating numbers. Two Videos Hawa Mein Udati Jaaye followed by Tera Mera Pyaar Sanam have already been released and have got mind blowing response from all over the world.

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email: neerajshridhar@rediffmail.com