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There is a stage in everybody's life when you ask yourself the purpose of your existence and the desire of your soul. AaTmAa (in Hindi, means Soul) - A ten member group of working professionals and more importantly, die-hard music fanatics, have gotten together after having asked themselves, just that! Hailing from varied professional, educational and linguistic backgrounds, the AaTmAaN's do, however have one lingo in common - Music.

What we play

Rooted to the heritage of Indian Classical Music and deeply influenced by Indian film Music, AaTmAa's favorite genre of music is undoubtedly INDI POP, specializing in groovy and soulful Indian covers in multiple languages and at the same time performing various other styles of music like Jazz, fusion and World Music.

With compositions of Illayaraja and R.D.Burman forming the crust of the AaTmAa cuisine, topped by the cream of Rahman's multi-lingual hits and peppered with classics from contemporary and erstwhile Bollywood cinema, AaTmAa has a wide repertoire of music to offer in more than 3 languages.

Team Member Profiles

* Shruti and Smruthi - (Vocalists) – Aged 19, this twin singing pair has, amidst numerous performances in the inter-school and collegiate levels, have recorded for A.R.Rahman in the movie "Boys". Shruti and Smruthi’s roles in AaTmAa extend beyond the realms of the microphone. They are currently pursuing their Bachelors in Management.

* Anoop Shankar - (Vocalist) – (aged 24), a trained Carnatic singer, one of the mainstays of AaTmAa’s vocal team. Blessed with a voice which few possess, it was hardly a surprise when this Trichur (A city in Kerala) born lad bagged the coveted Saptaswarangal Mega finals winner award in the year 2003. He holds a Guiness record for longest music performance that lasted 40 Hrs nonstop! (Entry in the 2004 edition of Guiness book). The winner of best vocalist award at Saarang, IIT (2001), Anoop has sung in 8 Malayalam movies, the latest being Kochi Raja and Police.

* Rahul – (Vocalist/Composer) - (aged 23), a multi-lingual (Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English) trained Classical singer. Rahul's musical interest is beyond one genre and believes in being open to other styles, be it Jazz, Rock, or World Music. He rose to the limelight with his victory in Saptaswarangal 2001. Amongst the movies that he has sung are Chitiram, Aanji (Telugu), Rhythm (Kannada). A natural composer, Rahul, apart from singing and composing, is currently pursuing his MBA.

* Megh - (Composer/Keyboardist/Vocalist) - (aged 24), a Software Engineer at Infosys by profession and a Music performer by passion. The vision of getting all these musicians together as one unit emerged from this mind. Megh’s tryst with music began with when he learnt Western Classical Music theory and Piano with certifications from Trinity College of Music, London. Winner of best keyboardist at MCC Chennai in the year 2001, Megh’s ability to sing in multiple languages, along with Rahul’s, adds the Hindi dimension to AaTmAa thereby ensuring that AaTmAa can reach out to just about any audience, be it north or south. A gifted composer, Megh handles the PR (Public Relations) aspects of the band.

* Vasanth – (Percussionist/Vocalist) - (aged 24), A trained Mridangist and Carnatic singer, Vasanth's interest in percussions has led him to specialize in multiple percussion instruments namely Tabla, Ghatam, Ganjira and Darbooka. His awards include "The best percussionist award at IIT SAARANG 2002 and "the best vocalist at Saarang in the year 2002". Amongst his cherished musical memories were his recordings for A.R.Rahman and the opportunity to participate during A.R.R's live show in Chennai in the year 1997. He has been bestowed with the title of “Laya Bhaskara” by Gnanaskandan trust, for his expertise in complex rhythm forms of Carnatic music. A Mechanical engineer by qualification, a Business Development Executive for "Pole-Star Group" by profession, Vasanth is currently pursuing his MBA from SYMBIOSIS.

* Aalaap – (Bass Guitarist/Composer) - (aged 24), A Software Engineer at HCL Technologies Ltd. by profession and a prolific bass guitarist by passion. Like all other AaTmAaN’s, Aalaap's past is sprinkled with notable achievements in the youth music circles, "the best instrumentalist award at Saarang 2003" being his most cherished one! A die-hard Illayaraja fan, this music-o-holic, right from having disowned his bed room for the band's cause, continues to remain one of the pivotal forces behind the existence and the smooth functioning of the unit, both on and off the stage.

* Navneeth – (Keyboardist) – (aged 20), a final year Computer Science Engineering student. Navneeth is a professional keyboardist in the Chennai Music scene with more than 30 fusion shows in the last 2 years. Navneeth has been conferred with the title “Sangeetha Bhaskara”, in recognition of his knowledge of Carnatic Music. If you don’t believe in Multiple personalities, he might just change that aspect of your thinking for this seemingly unassuming introvert undergoes a complete transformation on stage, blazing with total authority, his fingers flying at mind blowing speeds on the keyboard, continuously setting high performance standards for the team. His ambition in life is to compose music in is own world class studio in India, which doesn’t seem too far away in the future.

* Deepak – (Drummer) - (aged 19), the Rhythm Machine of AaTmAa. Both on and off the stage, Deepak literally lets only his drums/pads do the talking. Undoubtedly, the most silent member of AaTmAa, his talent, commitment and efficiency speaks out loud and clear every time AaTmAa performs together. Still in college, pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science Engineering, Deepak has all the necessary attributes and ingredients to become an irreplaceable main stay in the future music scene of India. While it really can be a tough task to get Deepak to look into the eyes of a camera, what is even more difficult is to match his perfection on stage.

* Ram – (Rhythm Guitarist) - (aged 24), a Chartered Accountant by education and a Rhythm Guitarist by passion. Another die-hard fan of Illayaraja, his passion for music and his sound mixing abilities led to the release of his debut Remix album "Agipulla Remix", in the year 2004(December). Ram's profession extends into AaTmAa's activities as well, as he manages the financial matters of the band. Ram is currently pursuing his MBA from GLIM, Chennai.


Having gotten together as one unit only a few months’ back, AaTmAa already has made its presence felt with a scintillating Debut performance at Infosys, Chennai.

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