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 About the Artiste

Noor,Navi Mumbai

'Noor' comprises of Fazal and Aby. Fazal is on vocals and rhythm guitars, while Aby is on lead guitars. Fazal forms the core source of the band and often coming up with great tunes, concepts and chords, while Aby’s strength lies in the lyrics and simple but powerful compositions. All of the songs are composed, written and conceptualized by them.

Band History:

1997: A guitarist (Aby) who had been toying with the idea of forming a band for the past one year finally decided to come out of his isolated shell and seek out in this bizarre world, fellow human beings who could join him. Through the classified sections of a Rock Magazine found a bass guitarist and later a vocalist cum rhythm guitarist (Fazal). The trio formed what they call themselves as 'Ginger'. Being together for a couple of months they knew that a drummer was quite essential for their music machine to complete the quadrant. In came an "experienced" guy who had been on the scene since 1992 and the foursome were now complete and ready to perform.
The line up was
Fazal: Vocalist / Guitars
Aby: Guitars / Backing Vocals
Stuart: Bass / Backing Vocals
Kash: Drums / Percussion

Due to unavoidable circumstances the bass guitarist had to migrate to Canada and the vacated place was to be filled later by another member who happened to be a good friend of the vocalist. Now these new foursome under heavy influence of 60's and 70's acid rock and psychedelia revamped themselves and 'Ginger' was reborn!
'Ginger' had its first major stint at 'Mood Indigo'97' at I.I.T Powai where they performed with mighty likes of 'Moksha' 'Thor' 'Naked Earth' and scores of underground bands from all over India who just like them were trying to break into the scene. After the 'Mood Indigo' performance the band went literally underground working on serious stuff, which has inspired them after they tasted the reverbing effects their psychedelic songs like ‘Om’ and 'Sphere' had on the crowd.

2002: Fazal and Abhay regrouped together as a duo called "Blank" and recorded their first unreleased EP titled ‘No Commitments’ which contains impressive "Free" and laid back "Drive It".

2004: As the duo decided to shift their focus on Hindi/Urdu Rock-Pop along with the conventional stuff that they played, a name change was needed to reflect their music and "Noor" was born. Though lyrically the band has some shades of dark side on the subliminal level, the duo feel that most of their songs are bright, optimistic, smooth flow type, which give a upbeat message to the listener. Musically speaking the band sincerely feels that the listener plugging into their songs should be able to relax, wind out his bundled nerves and relate to himself and life in a better way rather than feeling stressed up or depressed!

It is often said that "Noor" is the first Hindi/Urdu/English band that captures audiences and tries to influence people from all walks of life.

Fazal Mehdi is the band's vocalist and rhythm guitarist. He forms the driving force for the band. His interest includes reading, travel and cooking. Little anal at times and comes off too strong at other, though quite unintentionally. Uses a "Les Paul".

Aby Dandekar is the band's other guitarist and the founding member. Termed "Meticulously Raw" by his mate, he likes working behind the scene rather than facing the limelight! Little fidgety and prone to mood swings, his interest includes expanding his music collection and reading. Uses an 'Epiphone Stratocaster'.

email: aby_wall@yahoo.co.in