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 About the Artiste

Kumkum Sanyal,Boston

Endowed with a mellifluous voice and a gift of touching the hearts of her audience, Kumkum Sanyal has enthralled Hindustani music lovers all over India and the United States with her spiritual Khayals and Taranas, devotional Bhajans and romantic Thumris.

Kumkum was born in Chakdaha, West Bengal, in a music loving family, her father being a flutist and her mother a vocalist. Her astonishing musical talents were recognized early in her childhood and developed under the guidance of accomplished teachers of classical music including Shri Amalendu Paul and Pandit Viswadev Bhttacharya. She won numerous first prize awards and gold medals at prestigious state and national competitions, and performed at music conferences beginning at a very young age. Later, Kumkum continued her Hindustani classical training with Pandit Vinayak Torvi, a famous exponent of Gwalior and Kirana Gharanas.

Aided by her creative genius and rigorous training, Kumkum has assimilated and combined different styles of Hindustani music, and evolved a distinctive style of her own. To sing with complete involvement and emoting the “Bhava” of raga-ragini is her forte. This quality has endeared Kumkum to connoisseurs in India and abroad and won her their admiration. Kumkum excels not only in pure classical music but she also captivates her audience with exquisitely beautiful and skillful presentations of semi-classical music such as Thumri, Dadra, Hori and Bhajans.

She is a dedicated teacher offering rigorous training of Hindustani vocal music. Her attention to tonal perfection, practical teaching of artistic presentation, and caring nature have endeared Kumkum to many disciples in the U.S.