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 About the Artiste

Rajeev Taranath,Bangalore

Virtuoso performer Rajeev Taranath is one of India's top classical instrumentalists and one of its leading exponents of the sarod.

Today one of the top ranking performers of the Maihar gharana, this master musician's concerts are distinguished by deep introspection and a highly disciplined approach to the development of a raga.

Pt. Taranath is the recipient of several prestigious awards, among them the Indian government's highest award in the arts, the Sangeet Natak Academy award in 1999 and the Chowdiah Award in 1998.

In performances throughout the world, he has been acclaimed for his technical virtuosity, inspired imagination and emotional range.

Concert engagements have included performances for major Indian music conferences, internationally for universities, western conservatories and chamber music series, world music festivals, and many concerts for Indian cultural organizations dedicated to the presentation of high caliber Indian classical music.

email: rtaranath@yahoo.com