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 About the Artiste

Krishna Bhandari,Pune

He is one of the leading flautists of the country Shri.Krishna Bhandari is a Senior Disciple of a flute maestro and music composer Pt.Raghunath Seth.

The coincidence is but remarkable that he be named “ KRISHNA ” much before he even learned to hold the flute. It could also mean that it was an indication of his attachment to the Lords instrument. At a very young age fascinated from the live concert of renowned flautist Pt.Devendra Murudeshwar, he took to playing flute.

Krishna was initiated into the art , technque and aesthetics of flute playing by his father Shri V. N. Bhandari. Krishna then had the privilege of learning from the flautist Pt.Venkatesh Godkhindi and vocalists Pt.Appasaheb Deshpande (Nutan Gandharva) & Pt.Yeshwant Kshirsagar, before he came under the influence of the flute maestro Pt.Raghunath Seth and became his ganda-bandh disciple since 1990.

Krishna has a masters Degree in Music – Sangeet Alankar and is a regular performing Artist of AIR and Doordarshan . He is also an approved panel artist of ICCR.

Bhandari’s style reflects an unique blend of fluency and melody with systematic “ Badhat” and aesthetic approach giving due weightage to both “Gayaki” and “Gatkari” Use of key in his flute, invented by his guru Pt.Raghunath Seth unfolds ‘Ragas’ beautifully in Mandra Saptak upto ‘Gandhar’.

He has performed at several music conferences/ festivals in India and abroad including Swami Haridas Sangeet Samelan, ITC Research Acadamy, Sawai Gandharva Music Festival. Gandharva Vadya Vadhan Mahotsav, Kala Bharati, Habitat World- HCL Series, Ganvardhan, Dr.Prabha Atre’s Swarmayee Gurukul, shrusthi, Germany and South American countries to name a few.

email: kvbhandari@hotmail.com