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 About the Artiste

Tubby Parik,Mumbai

A revolutionary wind is sweeping the popular music industry. And, “Tubby-Parik” are amongst the handful of music producers making it happen.

“Tubby-Parik” is the trade name for Indrajit Sharma (Tubby) and Parikshit Sharma (Parik), two brothers, who are radically changing the way India relates to music.

Since 1997, the brothers have produced over 500 hours of recorded music by way of film songs, background scores, and music albums. They have handled orchestration and production assignments for front ranking composers, and produced award-winning music for films.
Their orchestration for blockbuster albums have given a fresh lease of life to the non-film music market.

The brothers “Tubby-Parik” enjoy their status in the music industry because of their unique ability to understand the cinematic vision of film directors, the musical vision of composers, and the changing tastes of Indian audiences.

As a result, film after film, album after album, Tubby-Parik succeed in delivering a winning musical experience.

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email: indrajitsharma@mac.com