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 About the Artiste

The M Majors,Mumbai

Represents a talented band of musicians. M MEANS MUSIC.. ITS A NOTE THEY HAVE CREATED BEYOND MUSIC WHICH HAS ALL THE EXISTING NOTES OF MUSIC(C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C) In this wide spectrum, musicians seek heart rendering compositions which cut across cultures representing world music.

Music created by them is as global as the oceans and equally desi or Indian from where they were born. Their unique ability to see the largeness of the sounds of music of different cultures makes them stand apart and unforgettable. The Folk, The Romanticism, The Kabir Dohas, The Sufi Music, The Ghazals , The Thumris , English compositions weaved with Indian elements, something Spanish , some foot tapping instrumental tracks, and so on... all blend with the creative band of music and evolve into a universal music of the heart. The completeness of our band with a Guitarist, a Keyboard Player, a Djembe/Drums Player, A Tabla player and 2 Vocalists ( Male & Female) makes us a very enjoyable team who create music in totality. We also continuously innovate by inviting various guest musicians like Flautists, Sitarists Saxophone and Clarinet players. The band's strength is flexible to your needs to ensure the success of your occasion.

They have performed at various occasions from Temples to Stage Performances to Festivals like the prestigious Kalaghoda Festival held this year in Feb 2011, with a good experience of performance among diverse crowd and knowing the pulse of the audience. Their Music identifies with the nature, the living world and takes the listeners to a higher level of Spiritualism and great aesthetics.

Their Talent seeks to explore newer lands and people to reach out for the purpose of sharing and creating more Music.

email: ameyazmusic@gmail.com