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Kamal Sabri,New Delhi

Kamal Sabri was born into a family of traditional Indian Classical musicians. Belonging to the seventh generation of Sarangi players, he was trained under his renowned father, Padamshree Ustad Sabri Khan, who taught him in the style of the Sainia Gharana (school) of Rampur – Moradabad.

Kamal has consistently displayed a brilliance which has already carved a niche for for him in the world of Indian Classical Music. As an outstanding Soloist and as Sarangi instrumental accompanist to vocal performers, Kamal regularly plays for All India Radio and Doordarshan.

He has participated in numerous music festivals throughout India and obtained several awards including The Best Instrumentalist - ‘Surmani’ and recently, the Young Maestro award by the Indo-Sri Lankan Cultural Council.

He has been the first youngest Indian Musician to participate in "Les 24 heures du raga - the millennium concert", in Paris. He played for 9 concerts at that night with all the vocalists (all 24 hours). Kamal has become the yougest Indian Classical Musician to participate in the World Music Festival.

Kamal has also worked with Ustad Zakir Hussain, Ricky Niles from Barbados, Yukka Tolonenfrom Sweden, and Seppo Kantonen from Finland. His own rendering of the Sarangi is not only restricted to the tradition of Indian Classical music, but is also embellished by the experimental trends founds among today’s world class musicians.

email: sabrikamal@hotmail.com