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 About the Artiste

Neeraj Prem,Canada

Born into a family where music was a lifestyle, Neeraj's talent was an inevitable legacy. He gave his first public performance at the age of seven.

A student of Ustad Shujaat Khan, Neeraj belongs to the Vilayat Khan Gharana of Hindustani music. He follows the "gayaki ang" of playing. The fast taan, melodious and steady alaap needs a special mention.

He has performed widely in India at various music concerts, with other great master. Neeraj is the president of Ustad Vilayat Khan Music Foundation, where they promote upcoming and deserving artists.

In 2002, Neeraj migrated to Canada from Delhi and has been organising various musical events. He is also actively involved with TV and Radio productions, like ATN and McMaster.

Neeraj hopes to awaken interest among the people to enjoy the spirit of Indian music and conducts lecture demonstrations besides performances.

email: neerajprem@hotmail.com