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 About the Artiste

Nityanand Haldipur,Mumbai

The talented Nityanand Haldipur, a senior disciple of Padma Bhushan Annapurna Devi, represents the pure essence of a highly revered musical heritage.

Born in Mumbai in a deeply spiritual family, Nityanand was fortunate to have the right environment for his latent musical talents to blossom. His first guru who initiated him into the art, technique and aesthetics of flute playing was his father, the late Shri Niranjan Haldipur - a senior disciple of the late Pt. Pannalal Ghosh.

Over the next two decades, Nityanand's training continued under the late Pt. Chidanand Nagarkar and Pt. Devendra Murdeshwar. It was after 1986, when Smt. Annapurna Devi - doyen of Senia-Maihar gharana - accepted him as one of her disciples. Nityanand's music then progressively acquired depth, maturity and a new dimension.

To the rigours of such a pre-eminent tradition, Nityanand has added his own dedication and finesse through painstaking practice, assiduous assimilation and erudite presentation. Absorbing what is pure, beautiful and dignified in Hindustani Classical Music, Nityanand has imbibed the difficult grammar, discipline and subtleties of the rich legacy he has inherited.

While his dhrupad-ang alaps and the distinctly formatted jod in the vilambit compositions (refer dictionary) are serene, contemplative and introspective, his drut renderings are lilting and imbibed with a fascinating variety of rhythmic patterns.

Nityanand has performed at several music conferences including the SAARC festival and the Apna Utsav Series. His rich and extensive repertoire covers a wide canvas : from the pure classical to experimental fusion.

A regular broadcaster over the Bombay Station of the All India Radi and Doordaeshan, Nityanand has participated in the National Programme of Music and AIR Sangeet Sammelan.

email: nhaldipur@hotmail.com