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 About the Artiste

Pradeep Chatterji,Mumbai

Pradeep Chatterji hailing from Allahabad, was born in a family where music was the way of life. Pradeepís devotion to music at an early age was encouraged by his family.

He was a child prodigy who started giving performances at the age of six and bagged many prizes in various competitions. At the age of eleven, he got place at the feet of Pt. Ganesh Prasad Sharma of Allahabad and started learning from him. Pt. Ganesh Prasad follows the austure Gayaki of Gawalior and Sahswaan Gharana.

He is a singer to whom, music comes naturally. He sings with emotions and trancuality understanding and feather-touch effect of his silky voice makes him an outstanding performer to whom all ragas come spontaneously. He has attained proficiency in about 150 Ragas and can render about 800 traditional Bandish (Compositions). Pradeepji is an excellent composer with versatility and intelligence. He has a number of compositions of his own to his credit which he has written under the Pseudonym of Navrang. He has also composed many Bhajans, Geets and Ghazals which are being sung by his disipals. It is a pleasant sight to see him performing on the stage.

He has given a new dimension to the classical singing by developing a style of his own. He has not only performed in almost all the leading music conferences in India but has also performed in many countries of Europe and Middle East as well. He has also been regularly giving programmes from All India Radio and Doordarshan. His albums have been released by companies like H.M.V. and Universal cassettes.

email: pradeepc@sudeepaudio.com