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 About the Artiste

Ramakant Sant,Baroda

Born in 1940, Shri Ramakant Sant started learning the violin from his father, Late Pt. Gangadhar Sant, who was a lecturer in Violin at music college (M. S. University, Baroda). He went on to complete his masters degree in music from the Akhil Gandharva Mahavidyalaya at Mumbai.

Since 1984, Ramakant is giving violin and shehnai recitals on AIR, Baroda. The Sur Singar Samsad of Mumbai awarded him the Surmani title in 1980. He has also taught at Guayana, South America, etc.

He has performed at several concerts in India and the world. Mr. Yehudi Menuhin, a world famous violinist, recommended Ramakant for Best Performance Certificate of Achievement for performing on violin at Udaipur in India.

email: ramakant@sudeepaudio.com