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 Rebeat Digital Products

Who benefits from REBEAT Digital ?

Musicians/Labels/Producers/Publisher with small, middle-size or capicious content. Completely everyone who is looking for a fast, easy and efficient digital distribution worldwide.

To know about the new royalty accounting Rebeat MES edition for music labels and companies, please click here…

For Independent musicians too, we recommend the Rebeat M.E.S. Click here to order.

Contract/Contract Period

No long-term commitments! And no artist exclusivity either!

The contract is title-exclusive and can be terminated after one year, if required. Without cancellation, it gets comfortably extended automatically. For further queries, please write to: support@rebeat.com

How much money do i get and how does the accounting work ?

Unlike other suppliers, we provide your album to the portals directly and therefore do not have to pay any other technical service provider in between. For you, this means a cash flow increase ranging from 20% to 50%.

How much do i get for each song sold?

Unlike many other providers REBEAT Digital supplies the online music stores directly. There are therefore no additional middleman costs. The actual price per song depends on things such as: the individual online music store's business model, market rate, point of sale, and relative royalties. As a result it is not possible to provide a lump-sum amount per song.

Calculation example for iTunes music store for selling one track:
  • iTunes USA = USD 0.99 - iTunes fee (0.29) - Rebeat fee (0.105) - Royalties (0.091, Rebeat takes care of it for you) = USD 0.504 = appx INR 26

  • iTunes Europe = EUR 0.99 - iTunes fee (0.28) - Rebeat fee (0.106) = EUR 0.604 = appx INR 40

  • iTunes India = INR 12 - iTunes fee (3.6) - Rebeat fee (1.26) = appx INR 7

  • Click here for some more REVENUE details...

    Rebeat Digital FLAT FEE

    A barcode is compulsory for any online release - whether the album has one song or more. The Barcode (EAN) is used to monitor the digital sales of your entire album. If you already have a barcode for your album, you need not buy it again. In case you don’t have one, then buy it from within the Rebeat software itself while uploading your album. Use the barcode image purchased for printing on your physical CD covers as well.


    You do not have ISRC code(s) for your track(s)?

    Get them within the Rebeat software too!

    Each track uploaded for distribution needs to have an ISRC (International Song Recording Code) in order to monitor its digital sales in the stores. If you don't have one, get these codes from within the Rebeat software, while uploading your album.

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