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Increase attendance at your shows

Posted On13/12/2019
As a relatively “new” musician, have you wondered why it is difficult to get an organizer / event manager to sign you (or your band) for gigs – be it for weddings, college annual days, at pubs,…
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50 glorious years of recording “surile” artists

Posted On13/11/2019
Meet the man who completed 50 years as a sound engineer in 2019 - Mr. Daman Sood. What an amazing feeling it must be! Daman Sood (popularly referred to as Daman-ji) has recorded over a 1000 albums in…
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eLicenser keys explained

Posted On14/05/2019
Buying original music software - DAW and plugins - always makes you feel happy and proud within. And that is a legal requirement for any commercial work done from home / an institute / a recording…
Sound setup in action

Know Your Sound Guy.

Posted On27/04/2019
It was a hot April afternoon (read: 43 degrees Celsius), and i got a chance to attend the sound-check of a band that was visiting from another city. They had brought along their own FOH (Front Of…

Simple tips to check a PA sound system

Posted On12/01/2019
After knowing the basic terms of a PA system setup, how to hold mics, etc. in part 1 (read here), it is important for the authorities to be present when the whole system is being setup at a venue. If…

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