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Upon getting delivery of your Audient or EVO hardware from, without any delay:

  1. create your user account here >>
  2. register your product serial(s), as mentioned on the hardware itself, and get many other benefits
  3. download the eligible software updates and more from your user account after registration
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Once your user account is created, based on the product purchased, watch these tutoREals and then setup your product.

Also, ensure that your product firmware is updated with Audient’s original and latest drivers for your Windows or Mac or iOS setups.

  • How to install the new iD drivers is given here >>
  • Watch tutoREal videos below (similar setup steps apply to other Audient models)
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After creating your user account for your EVO audio interface / recording kit, watch these setup tutoreals for a smoother start.

  • Download the Windows and Mac latest drivers for EVO from here >>
  • Download and activate your free eligible software from Audient ARC user area (this list may vary from the ones shown in the video below over time).
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Here is a collection of Audient tutoREals that will help you make use of your product(s) even better!

Go here >>

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  • For any product specific support or downloading latest drivers for Mac / PC, go here >>
  • Warranty information for Audient is given here >>


  • Troubleshooting and other basics for EVO given here >>
  • EVO Warranty given here >>

If you still don’t find help from the above links given for Audient or EVO, then please fill up this support form >>

Should service of the physical unit be required within the period of warranty or even later, please contact us.

In India, the authorised service centre is located in Chennai.

  • Shipping costs of sending and getting back the product(s) to and from the service centre are borne by the customer.
  • Our invoice is also to be sent along as proof of purchase.
  • The service centre will update you on the cost of repair and/or parts not covered under the manufacturer warranty terms.


Rest assured, our SA team will assist you all along this process – whether the product is in warranty or not.


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