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After you have purchased a Celemony software serial from SudeepAudio.com, register and follow the on-screen instructions.

To register, visit here >>

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For all software, rememeber this:

  • UPDATE = moving from lower to higher version (basically higher number) in the same product name.
  • UPGRADE = buying a higher product in that software family.

For example:
Moving to Melodyne 5 Editor for existing Melodyne 4 Editor users = update
Buying Melodyne 5 Studio by a Melodyne 4 Assistant = upgrade

Registered Melodyne users can order updates and/or upgrades at special India prices from here >>

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You could use Melodyne to bring your vocal tracks as close to perfection as possible. But it does not always have to be about perfection. Nor always about vocals. Melodyne is versatile and its main value to you could lie elsewhere.

Melodyne comes in 4 variants with different features. These are Essential, Assistant, Editor and Studio.

To get more technical information and what product is best for you, go here >>

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The new Melodyne 5 offers enhanced technologies for the musical editing of vocals in addition to a chord track with automatic chord recognition, access to the dynamics even of individual notes within chords, and countless further improvements to Melodyne’s unique tools.

Melodyne 5 makes the editing and creative manipulation of recordings and samples better, faster and more musical.


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