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If you are more comfortable in the Hindi language, here is a #tutoREal video on how to purchase and install FL Studio for Windows PC.

For others, please follow the steps and English videos given in the next section below.

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After you buy a serial number for FL Studio – any version – from in India, follow these steps given below for a smooth and quick installation and activation of your product. Please ensure that your Internet connection is active (on) while you follow this process.

Step 1: Register your serial number purchased from here >>

Follow the on-screen instructions carefully – “Sign In” till “Finish” tab.

Step 2: Download the FL Studio software for your computer – PC or Mac or both – from here >>

Step 3: After the download of the installer file is complete, double click to run that file (.exe for Windows and .dmg for macOS).

Step 4: After the installation is successful, open the FL Studio DAW software (from the shortcut created).

Step 5: Once it is opened, in the top menu goto Help  > About (see the example screen below)

Step 6: Enter your correct Image Line email address and its password in the box opened.

Step 7: Click on “Unlock with Account” and make sure the Internet is active at that time.
If you want to use the product on another computer on which there is no internet connection, then follow these steps to “Unlock with file” >>

Step 8: After a short wait, be patient, you will see another pop-up “The registration succeeded”.

Step 9: FL Studio must be restarted to complete the process.

Step 10: When you now open FL Studio software, to check if the process was successful, navigate back to the about tab – example given below of a successful activation.


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This method unlocks FL Studio using a ‘FLRegkey.Reg’ file. Download the file from your  Image-Line Account, on a computer WITH Internet access and use it on the computer WITHOUT internet access.

  1. Download the ‘FLRegkey.Reg‘ file from your Image-Line Account on a computer or device with Internet access.
  2. Copy the ‘FLRegkey.Reg‘ file to your non-internet connected computer (or to the computer where the about panel login method does not work).
  3. Unlock/update FL Studio – Open FL Studio and from the top-left menus select ‘HELP’ (or ‘?’ in FL Studio 12) then ‘About…‘, at the bottom of the list. On the ‘About’ pop-up enter your account email and password then click ‘ Unlock with file ’.
  4. Browse to the saved ‘FLRegkey.Reg‘ file, select it and accept. After a short wait, be patient, you will see another pop-up ‘ The registration succeeded ’
  5. Restart FL Studio – FL Studio must be restarted to complete the process.


Q: How do I unlock my VST plugins using the FLRegkey.Reg file? Read here >>


NOTE: Incase you get an error message as seen below in the online registration WITH an internet connection, then please use the FLRegkey.Reg method to unlock your software.

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Codes from give you a 20 digit serial code. You must redeem it for the product you purchased.

Here’s how:

  1. If you already have an Image-Line account, Sign in now, this will make sure the product/s are added to your account. If you do not have an Image-Line account, you will be asked to create one during the code redeeming process.
  2. Go to our serial code registration form and enter your code to redeem it.
  3. For those creating Image-Line accounts, make sure to fill in all the information including a valid email address. Make sure your email account allows emails from our servers &
  4. Next time you sign in to go to your Image-Line Account, you will have access to unlock the products you purchased and access to the ‘customers only’ areas of our web site.


NOTES: Redeeming a code does not automatically unlock the product! Once redeemed use the method shown here to unlock your product/s.

After registering the Serial Code to your Image-Line account, you no longer need it. Unlock products using your Account.


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You can upgrade your FL Studio version from any lower to any higher edition. And this is possible at the cheapest prices in the world (including GST) from for India.

  • Alongwith your online order for FL Studio upgrade email us your Image Line user account details (not the password please).
  • Within 3-4 working days (usually it is done in 1-2 working days, but no promises are being made here), your activation will be done in your Image Line account automatically!!
  • You only need to unlock your upgraded version with your original serial like before. That’s it!

Enjoy your upgrade.

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When you upgrade FL Studio from Fruity to Producer Edition, for example. Or purchase new plugins. Then you must install a new license key. Open the HELP > About panel and re-enter your account login details, as shown here.

This is also true when you update FL Studio to a new version.

NOTE: It is not possible to give away or resell your original registration / serial number after an upgrade because you are still using it. We do not allow resale of accounts or products from accounts.


Image-Line Support Team

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SINGLE EDU LICENSE (is for only Signature Bundle)

If you are currently a student or a teacher at a school or college or University, you can order the FL Studio Signature EDU bundle in India here >>

Alongwit your order, you just need to scan and email us your valid ID card, or a letter stating that your are a teacher / educator on your institute’s letterhead.


MULTIPLE SEAT EDU LICENSE (eligible for Fruity / Producer / Signature Bundle / ALL Plugins Bundle)

Any educational institute in India can order from a minimum of 5 site licenses (and multiples thereof) of FL Studio versions – Fruity / Producer / Signature / All Pluginsat unbelievable discounts!! Contact Us with the number of seats (i.e. licenses) you require for your institute and which version you would like to purchase.

  • A Site License grants an educational institution the license to use the FL Studio software products on a specified number of the institution’s computers on one campus.
  • The software may be used for teaching, research, and administrative purposes. Any form of commercial use is explicitly prohibited. Commercial use is defined as use of the software, documentation, or data for any use relating to “for profit” purposes.
  • This Site License software is not intended to be installed and operated on student-owned computers.
  • The software belongs solely to the purchasing institution.

Free, Downloadable, Lifetime Upgrades

All owners of FL Studio-licenses*, whether full, educational or site licenses, get free, downloadable, lifetime upgrades.

What is the difference between the EDUcational and the full license?

  • Feature-wise there are no differences.
  • The difference is in the user license terms: commercial use is prohibited.


Can I change my Educational program to a full license program?

Suppose you feel you have made a great song in your FL Studio Educational program, and want to sell it or release it online? Or put the song on YouTube with some ads on it?
This isn’t possible, as your educational license does not allow ‘for profit’ use.


Upgrade your Educational license to a full license.

To upgrade your FL Studio version, educational license, to an FL Studio commercial license, please follow the below instructions:
Step 1. Register your serial number here
-> If your FL Studio version, educational license, is already activated on your existing ‘my account’ page then skip this step 1.

Step 2. Sign in to your ‘my account’ page using your email address and your personal selected password.

Step 3. Buy the upgrade from the Image Line web-shop: “Upgrade from FL Studio Educational to Full program license
(to see this option, you need to be logged into your account before entering the Image Line shop).

The upgrade to full version will be displayed under the ‘my licenses’ section after purchase.

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1. FL Studio User manual online here…

2. Watch more videos of FL Studio Power Users here…

3. Useful links and downloads here…

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When existing users of FL Studio software buy a compatible FL plugin(s) from, ensure that the product is compatible with your computer and the FL version being bought for. These details you can find on Image Line website as well as in System Requirements tab on’s product pages.

When you receive the plugin / virtual instrument activation key from us, these are the steps to get started:

1: Login to your existing valid Image Line user account from here >>

2: Add this product license (activation key) to the ‘My License’ section at your ‘My Account’ page

3: Restart FL Studio DAW in your computer (keep internet connected).


* Knowledge Base –
* Video Tutorials –
* FL Studio Help –

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These are some videos you can watch to enhance your production skills in FL Studio. Watch, learn, grow!

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Yes… yay! 🙂

But with some conditions:

We’re reasonable and understand that you probably have one or more home computers, a laptop and probably one at work too. You may also have both Windows and macOS computers. Using a single license across multiple computers AND operating systems is OK.


You are the only person using FL Studio, the plugin or whatever software you purchased. The best way to ensure this is to install FL Studio for your personal account (not ‘All users’). So yes, multiple installations are OK, where you are the only user.

This option is not applicable to companies, organizations or schools, they need to purchase a multiple license version.


Be aware that abuse of this privilege will not be tolerated. Where we detect more than one person using the same license, your Software license can be revoked and account deactivated (see our End User License Agreement).


Not only do we prohibit you sharing your FL Studio activation with friends, it is a particularly bad idea, since you can’t control who they pass it onto. Think seriously, best friends, have other best friends, and you may not always be best friends with your best friend. Once your license is ‘out there’ it will spread, quickly.  We have seen cases of a license ending up on the internet within weeks and 10,000’s attempted installations after we shut an account down.

Different versions of FL Studio:

FL Studio Windows 32 & 64 bit – You can install both of these versions using the same registration on all your computers, under the conditions listed above.

FL Studio for macOS – This program can be installed on all your Mac computers, under the same conditions listed above.

Image-Line Support Team

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The simple answer here by Image Line is – NO.
The End User License Agreement (Section 6) clearly states we (Image Line) don’t allow license transfers.
Here’s why:
  • We make this deal with our customers (more technically, a service agreement): We give you Lifetime Free Updates and in return you are not allowed to sell your software or account. That is a service agreement we have stood by since 1998, and so we also expect you to honour your side of this agreement.
  • Our Lifetime Free Updates policy means that a 2nd, 3rd and even 4th hand license owner, has access to all future versions of FL Studio, without limit. Consequently, the 2nd hand value of an FL Studio license is ALWAYS as fresh as the day you bought it. So someone could use FL Studio for 10 years, getting free updates and support, then sell it at current market value at the end of the period. Over time the number of 2nd hand licenses in circulation would grow to the point it would likely kill our business, and so, FL Studio.
  • When you buy 2nd hand software from other developers, you end up with an outdated, or soon to be outdated version. There is a strong possibility you will upgrade in future. We only get to sell FL Studio to our customers ONCE so there is no possibility of upgrade/update fees like there is with other software.
  • We don’t use any hardware protection (key/dongle) or ‘phone home’ license checks, only a registry key. This means it’s impossible to prove that the transferring customer stopped using the software and deleted their key after the transfer sale. We do this because we don’t believe in burdening customers with complex and unreliable copy protection schemes.
  • We are reasonable and offer fully functional & time-unlimited trial versions that allow people to test our software, before they buy. There is no reason to buy the software to ‘test it out’.
  • For each change of ownership there is support involved to new owner (downloads of installer & extra samples, tech support of forums & tickets). An FL Studio Lifetime Free Update license represents almost unlimited potential for these sorts of hits on our support system and a loss of income for us.
  • We offer our software at affordable and fair prices.
  • Many customers who stop using FL Studio for a year or two take up their Lifetime Free Updates later and become active again.


NOTE:  Apple, Google and Microsoft do not allow the transfer of App purchases between customer accounts in the EU, or anywhere world-wide. We believe the situation is similar to our case as Apps are sold with Lifetime Free Updates. The sale of a lifetime updated app directly impacts on the developers ability to maintain their income, since there is no chance of upgrade purchases.

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In FL Studio ver 12 / ver 20, you can not check at startup which version you are using. To know your registered details, follow the steps given below.

Start FL Studio and go to the menu help > about window inside FL Studio, you will see:

  • Your name and customer number in the About window.
  • The FL Studio version number and Fruity, Producer or Signature Bundle is also listed as active edition in the About window.
  • You will not see an ALL Plugins Bundle in about. If you have purchased it, all the plugins in FL Studio will work in full mode and not as a demo like in other versions.

Where is the About Window?

Note the green arrows in the image below.
Arrow 1: Go to the menu help (the question mark)
Arrow 2: Click the ‘About’ option from the menu.


How to see if FL Studio is registered OK?

Note the green arrows in the image below.
Arrow 1: Your FL Username (your name + customer number) is listed in the about window.
Arrow 2: The FL Studio Edition and version is listed.
Arrow 3: It is normal you do not see your sign in email and password. They are removed for extra security.



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Clean your registry when disposing of your old PC, so that your registration codes and details don’t fall into the hands of others.
Only use this if you want to fully remove all files/settings connected to FL Studio!


Use this RegKey – Download Here

How to use:
  1. Download the file to your pc.
  2. Unzip the file using Windows Explorer to get: REMOVE_FLStudio_License.reg
  3. Double click the file REMOVE_FLStudio_License.reg to run it
  4. Click the ‘OK’ to all pop-ups.
  5. Your Windows registry is now cleaned from FL Studio registration keys.


macOS / Mac OS X

To clear your Mac of any Image-Line registrations do the following:

  1. Open ‘Finder’.
  2. Navigate to ‘…/Library/Application Support/’ and delete the ‘Image-Line’ folder.
  3. Navigate to ‘…/Users/Your_Username/Library/Preferences/’ and delete the ‘Image-Line’ folder.
  4. Open the Trash and select ‘Empty.

Note: If the Library folder is not visible in the User folder you must right-click within the Finder and choose ‘Show view options > Show Library folder’.

Install FL Studio on a cleaned computer again?

After de-registration, you must follow the instructions below:


Please note: You cannot resell, transfer any Image Line product to any one else as explained here >>

– Image-Line Support Team


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