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After you have bought an iZotope product from SudeepAudio.com, read these steps to know how to go about registering the product serials using the iZotope Product Portal manager – on PC and Mac.

iZotope Product Portal is a downloadable application that allows you to seamlessly manage your iZotope software in one central location.

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Note: To download the pdf help guide, click here >>

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After purchasing and installing iZotope products, there are occasional errors you may run into. Here are some common authorization issues and how to resolve them!

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There are a few reasons you may not see a product you own in the iZotope Product Portal:

Exponential Audio products will not show up in Product Portal, these can be seen in your account here: https://www.izotope.com/en/account/purchase-history.html

Some users have multiple accounts, make sure that you are signing in with the same account you made a purchase with. For products purchased through retail partners you will need to sign in, and click the plus button to add the product to your account using the serial number you were provided.

If you cannot locate an account or if you would like to submit an account merge request please contact iZotope Support. We can also help if you need products moved between accounts or to find missing products.

Some legacy products are not supported in Product Portal. See below for the complete list of unsupported products.

Some licensed iZotope products like Mastering and Repair Suite come packaged with other 3rd party software and may not be supported in Product Portal.


What products does Product Portal support?

iZotope Product Portal supports all iZotope products except for:

  • Ozone 5 and below
  • RX 3 and below
  • Nectar (v1)
  • Nectar (v1) Elements
  • Iris (v1)
  • Trash (v1)
  • Music and Speech Cleaner 1 & 2
  • Spectron
  • T-Pain Effect
  • M7 Control
  • pHATmatik PRO
  • Vocal Eraser

Make sure that your Product Portal app is up to date. You can install the latest version from iZotope’s site: https://www.izotope.com/en/support/authorization/about-product-portal.html

Product Portal will also give you an error message if there is no internet connection.

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