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As soon as you get your Spectrasonics box pack from SudeepAudio.com, please follow these steps:

  1. For the first Spectrasonics product purchased, create a User Account here >>
    The Spectrasonics User Account system allows quick access to your Spectrasonics products and information.  This way, you’ll have access to the latest instrument Updates, as well as the Authorization area, where you can authorize your computer to use your new instrument.
    For the next Spectrasonics product you install, just login to your existing user account and register its serial.
  2. Use the included USB installers to complete the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully.


Over a long time, any physical media – CD-ROM / DVD-ROM / USB pen-drives / Hard Drives – may stop working properly. And so, we highly recommend you immediately make a backup copy of the media installers (now packaged in a USB drive by Spectrasonics), once you receive the box pack.

But what if the physical media fails later?
Not to worry! Spectrasonics allows you to order Additional Downloads at a nominal fee (US 10$ as of 2021) per product to download the installer files again.

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Lost your original product and need it replaced? Accidentally deleted your original purchase? On the road and need remote access to your Spectrasonics product? Change computers and now your original purchased discs or USB media won’t install?

Try resolving the issue with these first:

  1. Use the backup taken by you of the original box media.
  2. If it was not done, borrowing the ORIGINAL installers from another musician friend you know will be good too.

If that too is not possible, THEN here is what you need to do:

  1. Login to your Spectrasonics User Account here >>
  2. For a nominal fee of USD 10 per product, get the full download installers from here >>


PLEASE NOTE:  This service is not an additional license for additional users to use your instrument. The Spectrasonics license is still only for a single-user.


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1.  Where is the Spectrasonics program located?

Our instruments operate as both standalone programs/applications and as plugin instruments designed to work inside of a DAW/Sequencer/ Host.

On an Apple computer, you’ll find the standalone application in your Applications folder. On Windows, you’ll find the standalone shortcut on your desktop or in your STEAM folder. You can also use your DAW/Sequencer/Host to open Spectrasonics instruments.

2.  What is a DAW/Sequencer/Host?

A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation, also referred to as a Sequencer or Host; example: Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, Ableton Live, etc.

3.  I have a DAW/Sequencer/Host.  How do I open my Spectrasonics Instrument?

We have made convenient step-by-step tutorials for using our instruments in most major DAW/Sequencer/Hosts.

For Omnisphere and Trilian, go HERE.  For Stylus RMX, go HERE.

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After you login to your Spectrasonics User Account here, use these links below to quickly locate TROUBLESHOOTING tips for the individual product(s) you have registered.

Omnisphere >>

Trilian >>

Stylus RMX >>

Keyscape >>

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  1. Omnisphere video tutorials here >>
  2. Trilian video tutorials here >>
  3. Stylus RMX video tutorials here >>
  4. Keyscape videos playlist here >>




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