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Once you buy your Universal Audio hardware, follow these steps >>

Watch all installation related support videos here >>

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For more than 15 years, UAD Powered Plug-Ins have delivered the world’s most authentic analog hardware emulations for Mac and Windows. Powered by UAD-2 DSP Accelerator hardware, you get classic studio sound that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with native recording systems.

For more detailed information including specifications, read the UAD System Manual.

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All new UAD-2 and Apollo products come with an included plug-in bundle free of charge. These bundles are a great way for new users to get started with UAD plug-ins right out of the box without the need for an additional purchase.

The bundles included with each UAD-2 / Apollo product are listed below including a list of the individual plug-ins included with each bundle.

Analog Classics
included with: UAD-2 PCIe SOLO/DUO, UAD-2 Satellite FireWire DUO

Analog Classics Plus
included with: UAD-2 PCIe QUAD/OCTOUAD-2 Satellite FireWire QUADUAD-2 Satellite USB QUAD/OCTO, UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt QUAD/OCTO

Realtime Analog Classics
included with: Arrow, Apollo Twin Thunderbolt SOLO/DUO, Apollo Twin USBApollo Twin MkIIApollo Twin X

Realtime Analog Classics Plus
included with: Apollo FireWire DUO/QUADApollo 8 DUO/QUADApollo x4Apollo x6Apollo x8Apollo 8pApollo x8p, Apollo 16, Apollo 16 mkIIApollo x16


More details about each Analog collection plugins collection is given here >>

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When a UAD-2 or Apollo device is sold second-hand, the current owner will need to fill out the “Transfer” form to transfer ownership of the device to the new owner. Read the steps given here >>

If you are buying a used unit of a Universal Audio hardware (UAD-2 / Apollo devices), watch this video to learn how to get the ownership transferred to your own UA account from the seller’s. Make sure (s)he does this for you before you make the full payment 🙂

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UAD plug-in licenses are tied to your UA account and are arranged within your account by “system”. Up to six UAD-2 / Apollo devices can be registered to a single system within your account, and all the devices registered to a single system can use the plug-in licenses within that system. In order for two UAD-2 / Apollo devices to use the same set of UAD plug-in licenses they must be registered to the same system within the same account. 

For example, here’s an account that has two systems – “System 1” and “System 2”. Each system holds its own plug-in licenses, and the devices in System 1 cannot use the plug-in licenses in System 2 or vice versa. However, all of the devices in System 1 can use any of the plug-in licenses within System 1, and all of the devices in System 2 can use any of the plug-in licenses in System 2.

Systems are displayed on the My UA Hardware page of your UA account

I’m registering a new UAD-2 / Apollo device to my existing account. How can I make sure that my new device has access to all of my previously purchased plug-in licenses?

Please see the following article: How Do I Register a New UAD-2 / Apollo Device in Order to Share My Existing Purchased Plug-ins?


I have UAD-1 devices registered in a system of my account. Does this affect how many UAD-2 / Apollo devices I can register to that system?

No. UAD-1 devices do not count towards the UAD-2 / Apollo device limit within any system of your account. You can have up to six UAD-2 / Apollo devices registered to a single system within your account, even if that system also holds UAD-1 hardware.


I’m working in a studio that has UAD-2 / Apollo hardware, and I want to use my UAD plug-ins on the studio’s system. How can I do this?

Your UAD plug-ins can only be used with devices registered to the same system of your account as the plug-in licenses. This means that in order to use your UAD plug-ins with someone else’s UAD-2 / Apollo hardware, you would need to have the owner transfer the UAD-2 / Apollo device(s) into your account. In a studio situation, this isn’t always feasible so the best option for using your UAD plug-ins in another studio may be to physically bring your UAD-2 / Apollo hardware with you to connect to that studio’s computer.  

For details on using multiple UAD-2 / Apollo devices from different accounts with the same computer system, see this article.


I have six UAD-2 / Apollo devices registered to a system of my account, but one of these devices is no longer being used. Can I move this device to another system to make room for an additional device? 

Customer Support can move a particular device between systems of your account one time as a courtesy. Please contact Customer Support for more information.


I already have six UAD-2 / Apollo devices registered to the main system in my account, and I want to register a new device. Do I have to purchase new plug-ins for this new device?

If the main system in your account already has six UAD-2 / Apollo devices registered, any additional devices that get registered will automatically be placed into a new system by default. The devices in this new system will not have access to the plug-in licenses in the main system, so any plug-ins that you wish to use with the devices in this new system will need to be purchased separately from the Online Store. There is unfortunately no way around the six device per system limit. If you would like to move one of the devices out of your main system to make room for a new device, please contact Customer Support to explore your options.


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  • If you are a Windows user, read this FAQ page to know more >>
  • Steps to Configure Windows for Thunderbolt given here >>
  • Windows Setup – required settings here >>
  • Other Thunderbolt connections (for Mac also) given here >>
  • Troubleshooting for Apollo devices for both Mac and Windows given here >>
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With multiple options, it can become confusing to choose which Universal Audio Apollo sound card is the right choice for you.

Use the “Add to Compare” feature available on SudeepAudio.com that will help you arrive at a decision. Also, read the article on Basics and FAQs on Apollo Audio Interfaces given here >>

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With the Analog Classics Plus plug-in bundle, you’re ready to start mixing with legendary tube gear like the Fairchild® 670 and the Pultec® EQP-1A EQ. You also get a dedicated suite of powerful mixing plug-ins and UA’s landmark 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ plug-in.

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This is for UA Audio Interfaces & UAD Accelerators products. Only registered users can download latest UAD software.

Click here >>

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There are two different types of Custom Bundles that Universal Audio offers directly – this includes Custom Bundles purchased during the registration of a new UAD-2/Apollo hardware product, and Custom Bundles purchased from the UA online store.

Read the FAQs here >>


FAQs on shopping