resale's reSAle is a new FREE service for musicians, sound engineers and even students to list (OR just look for) USED equipment across India!

We are happy to provide this service ONLY for individuals from the pro-audio and music community to upgrade their equipment to new, by selling their old working gear via this platform.

However, this reSAle platform CANNOT be used directly or indirectly by any manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, dealer, retailer or any reseller (online / offline).

Only end-users can use reSAle to:

  • List used (and working) studio equipment
  • Add a wishlist for a USED studio gear required (for example: a vintage or discontinued product)

  • We hope you find this service useful in order to keep upgrading your studio with new equipment sold by

    Tips for Sellers using reSAle
    When it is time to upgrade your studio, list your USED gear here. People from all over India can then contact you for further negotiations and purchase directly.

    Tips for Buyers using reSAle
    When you are looking for used gear, post your requirements on reSAle. And you could get contacted by those who may want to sell, or perhaps even 'gift' you their used stuff!

    • does not make any guarantees or assurances about payment or quality or condition of the products advertised by sellers or buyers here.
    • does not charge a fee or commission on any sale / purchase that happens on this forum. We have no legal or financial liability in any kind of transaction done through the reSAle platform.
    • does not take any responsibility for any misbehaviour of the seller or buyer using this platform.
    • reserves the right to remove any post which deemed inappropriate by our team without assigning any reason. And can blacklist a seller / buyer if complaints are raised against them.
    • can discontinue or modify this free service at any point without any notice.

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