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First time Altiverb (Regular / XL) installation

Posted On09/12/2019
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After purchasing your serial from for Altiverb – Regular or XL version – follow these instructions for installation.

Step 1.
Please make sure you have installed the latest iLok software, and have an iLok user account. If not, then create your user account from

Step 2.
Copy / paste the Altiverb license number received onto your iLok user account by following the steps given here carefully:

Step 3.
Run the ilok license manager app, log in to your account and choose to activate the Altiverb 7 license to your iLok (2nd generation or higher) physical license USB key.
Once you do this, you can install and use Altiverb 7 on any Mac or PC you connect this iLok key to.

Step 4.
Request an Altiverb 7 downloads email (Regular / XL)

To get the latest Altiverb 7 installer, please request a link to get the latest download files here:

Full installation process (after making the download request)

  • Check your email, open the downloads page from the link in the email and then proceed to download the latest first time full Altiverb 7 installer (that is the large 5 GB download, not the plug-in updater).
  • Once the download is finished double click the zip file and then run the Altiverb 7 installer.
  • The installer will ask you where to install the impulse responses and what plug-ins to install (or at what locations, on Windows) and it will then proceed to install Altiverb 7 and all impulse responses.
  • Then, open your DAW and you will find Altiverb 7 is available as effect ready to add reverb to your audio.

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