New in REBEAT distribution!

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New in REBEAT distribution!

Posted On18/04/2019
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Two billion Facebook users can soon use your music for their own videos, pictures and clips. We struck a deal with Facebook that allows you to offer your music on the biggest social network and thus earn additional royalties.

How does your music become a soundtrack?

Users of FB stories and news who upload their own videos and photos can click on a music icon. They can choose genre, a song or even a specific passage, and make it the soundtrack to their content. There is also a link to the fan page of the musician who brings new visitors and generates likes.

How to make your music available:

  • Create a new product in the Music Enterprise Software MES
  • Open the distribution matrix and make sure the country US is enabled
  • Enable delivery to Facebook by checking the corresponding box

Your existing back catalogue at Rebeat will be automatically exported to Facebook. If you do not want to offer your music on Facebook, please send us a message until 12 November at the latest to

Facebook reports after 24 months

Due to technical reasons, Facebook sends reports only after 24 months starting from 1 November. As soon as we receive reports from Facebook we will send you a detailed retroactive report and transfer royalties to you through our standard accounting process.

We crank up the Hertz! The latest update version of Music Enterprise Software MES is now available. It enables you to upload HD audio files and distribute it to iTunes, Tidal and Qobuz.

Simply select when creating a new product between:

  • Normal (SD Audio): 44.1kHz / Stereo / 16Bit
  • High (HD Audio/MFit): 48kHz / 88.2kHz / 96kHz / Stereo / 24Bit

Please make sure that all tracks on your product have the same quality. You cannot import an SD audio file to an HD product. Uploading HD audio files costs EUR 2,- per file. Save money by using our flat-fee offer where all upload fees are already included!

More new functions!

  • Mastered for iTunes: If you use HD audio files, you can activate „Mastered for iTunes“ (MFit) in the product data and add the iTunes-certified mastering-studio. Your product will be awarded with the certificate „Mastered for iTunes“ in Apple stores.
  • Save table layouts in Analytics: You can adapt the table layout with Drag & Drop in our statistics tool „Analytics“ for Daily / Preview / Final settlement. Now your individual table layout is automatically saved and used for your next MES session.
  • New product status “Review”: We’ve added the new status „Review“ to the left menu bar. Here you find your products that have been uploaded to our server and which are currently being reviewed by our quality management. Only after passing the quality check your products will be distributed to the stores.

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