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5. Serial number not working!

Posted On12/10/2019
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One of the most common issues faced by software buyers is their serial number not working, or shows as invalid! Sounds scary inspite of it being an original purchase! First of all, relax. It is all going to be good.

When you buy software (download / electronic version) from, you are sent the links and instructions to register along with the product’s serial. These are how different companies label their licenses as:

  • serial number
  • activation code / key
  • passcode
  • voucher
  • license key

If you find that the message you see on-screen while registering this serial is, “invalid serial” or “does not exist”, do not panic!

Most common mistakes that one could have made:
1. wrong URL visited!
in many cases, the registration URL for software bought from dealers is different from software bought directly from the manufacturer
2. serial not copy/pasted correctly in the box
3. there could be a blank space before or after a serial number that you copy/pasted
4. you could have typed it in wrongly
5. maybe the “-” (dashes) in the serial you got were (or were not) typed into the registration field

Ideally one should type the serial, as copy/paste from our email could create a blank space before or after when you select it with your mouse. And rest assured that your product will get registered when you enter the number carefully and manually as it is supposed to be.

If you still are unable to register the product after checking the above points, send us an email without any hesitation. We will sort your problem at the earliest.


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