Tips for Sellers using reSAle

  1. Give confidence to potential buyers with the product information you submit on reSAle.
    a. Give as complete and accurate description of the item you’re selling.
    b. Include information about any nicks, scratches, chips on the item being advertised on reSAle.
    c. Point out if something is missing that a buyer might naturally expect to receive with the item i.e. manuals, accessories etc.
    d. Make sure you know the exact model number or version, if applicable.
    e. You can post upto 3 products at one go with its photos (max 3 pics per product). Post your own product’s photos only.
    f. Your email id (and phone number, if provided) is automatically emailed to those who seek them from your reSAle posts.
    So make sure all info is accurate and valid.
  2. Make sure that you and your buyer are clear about exactly how much money is changing hands, and in what manner. Decide in advance about who is going to pay the courier charges, or any additional fees or taxes as applicable.
  3. Insure what you are shipping for loss and damage with the shipping carrier. Make sure the insured amount is appropriate.
  4. Pack the item safely and securely.
  5. Method of payment should be agreed upon by both parties. One of the surest ways to avoid payment hassles is to ship with advance payment or cash on delivery.
  6. Confirm the purchase before shipping. Send an email to the buyer specifying who, what, where and when. Get a confirmation back before you actually ship the buyer anything.
  7. Let the buyer know immediately if there is going to be a delay in shipping.
  8. Follow up with the buyer, make sure everything arrived on time and satisfactorily, etc. Also, see if you can get permission to use the buyer as a reference on future transactions on reSAle. It will make future sales of your other used goods flow much easily then.
  9. Once an item featured in the reSAle section gets sold (before your advertisement on it expires), please let us know to remove the same. However, it will get automatically get deleted after the number of days chosen for display by you. If not sold, you may need to re-list it again. Just send us an email to help you do so. But this will be done only once by us to help you avoid the data entry again 🙂
  10. The ‘reSAle’ service is NOT available for use directly or indirectly by any manufacturer, pro audio dealer or shop or online store in India or elsewhere. A Dealer is anyone who buys & sells music gear for a profit as a business.



  • does not make any guarantees or assurances about payment or quality or condition of the products advertised by sellers or buyers here.
  • does not charge a fee or commission on any sale / purchase that happens on this forum. We have no legal or financial liability in any kind of transaction done through the reSAle platform.
  • does not take any responsibility for any misbehaviour of the seller or buyer using this platform.
  • reserves the right to remove any post which deemed inappropriate by our team without assigning any reason. And can blacklist a seller / buyer if complaints are raised against them.
  • can discontinue or modify this free service at any point without any notice.