UJAM Release Beatmaker IDOL

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UJAM Release Beatmaker IDOL

Posted On12/11/2021
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German-American plug-in maker UJAM launch IDOL, the tenth addition to their Beatmaker line. The team closely collaborated with the Korean producer Brian U to create an authentic plug-in for modern K-Pop productions. Brian also founded the music studio “The Hub”, their credits include Kang Daniel’s “Jealous”, ASTRO’s “Knock” and TO1 Official’s “Hello Goodbye”.

K-Pop is a very bright, polished genre, with thumping kicks and snares that pop. Its high end glisten and tight low end are carefully compressed to hit hard using influences from hip hop, R&B, American/Euro pop and traditional Korean instruments!

IDOL adds to the Beatmaker series including GLORY (trap and modern hip-hop), NEMESIS (cyberpunk beats), KANDY (billboard charts pop), HYPE (progressive house), EDEN 2 (HYPE’s EDM sister), DOPE 2 (90s hip hop), HUSTLE 2 (trap & grime), VICE (80s synthwave) and VOID (drum & bass).

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