Ujam releases Beatmaker NEMESIS

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Ujam releases Beatmaker NEMESIS

Posted On26/02/2021
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UJAM launch NEMESIS , the eighth addition to their Beatmaker line. This action-packed drum machine is made for powerful, dark and complex music. The drum sounds in NEMESIS have been designed to be aggressive and futuristic and the Mix presets provide different types of distortion and compression for beats so tough and punchy, they’ll cut through any mix. NEMESIS really shines in any situation that requires heavily processed, broken aesthetics.

Veteran Drum & Bass producer and DJ Rusher is the Musical Director and sound designer behind NEMESIS. Rusher’s mastery for dystopian soundscapes and staccato beats is at the red-hot pulsing heart of this Beatmaker.

NEMESIS adds to the Beatmaker series including KANDY (billboard charts pop), HYPE (progressive house), EDEN 2 (HYPE’s EDM sister), DOPE 2 (90s hip hop), HUSTLE 2 (trap & grime), VICE (80s synthwave) and VOID (drum & bass).

NEMESIS is available now in VST, AU 2 and AAX formats at an introductory price in India exclusively on SudeepAudio.com

NEMESIS features:
● 60 Plug-in Presets
● 10 Drum kits
● 30 Styles
● 12 Mix Presets
● MIDI Drag and Drop
● Special control: Hypercharge & Pressurize

About UJAM
UJAM is a German-American maker of music technology co-founded by Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams. With the Plug-in series Symphonic Elements, Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Bassist, Virtual Drummer, Beatmaker and Finisher and a range of software solutions, UJAM helps people to make music.


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