Why the name “Sudeep”?

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Why the name “Sudeep”?

Posted On29/03/2018
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WHAT’S IN A NAME? Well… a Philosophy!

SUDEEP is neither a name of a person in our organisation, nor in the family of the founders!
Then what does “Sudeep” stand for?

Deep” is a Hindi word for Light. “Su” means pure. Thus, “Sudeep” essentially means PURE LIGHT.

When our parent company – Sudeep Studio – was setup by Mr. Nikhil Mehta at his house in Sir Lallubhai Park Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, India on September 23, 1977, his prime reason to do so was to help talented musicians get their careers rolling. This name “Sudeep” occurred to him as he wanted the next generation to carry on with the torch of Pure Light… in the field of music. In the 1970s, the culture was to keep Indian names for companies unlike the current trend of short mobile app names nowadays.

In 2001, when a website idea was conceived, the name was retained in the new entity in order to live upto this vision – “To always be a musician’s true friend.” And then India’s first pro audio online store was launched on Sep 23, 2003 – www.sudeepaudio.com

From the year 2010, our new brand identity has become SA.
SA is the first / root note in music (called “Do” or “C” in Western music). Our products and services, now carry the SA in their names. Some of these are:
#converSAtions = India’s only YouTube channel dedicated to music producers and sound engineers
#SAundcheck = a pro-audio blog with multiple authors, engineers and musicians contributing useful and interesting articles.

In 2017, we launched the world’s first online gaming website (desktop and mobile friendly) for the pro-audio industry: www.proaudiogames.com

#queSAtions = a daily quiz game t0 test your knowledge everyday
#glosSAry = hangman game of pro audio terms
#jigSAw = picture puzzle game of pro audio gear
#pasSAge = maze game to connect two related musical images
#SArch = word search game for exploring artiste names, tech terms, etc.

We don’t have any fancy corporate mission statements. We try and live upto our name of being an honest, hard-working team trying to do things differently.

With the support we have got from our employees, customers, business associates, vendors, dealers, etc., over the last 40 years as an organisation, we hope to carry this philosophical torch forward.


Think music, think SA 🙂

Musically yours,

Team SA


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