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Your Accentize account related queries

Posted On04/10/2022
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I can’t login with my email address. What to do?

We have recently changed our login system and some users might have to create their account again. After pressing “register” in the UserArea you can define your email address and a password. If you use the same e-mail you used during check-out (or for an account in our previous system) the licenses will automatically appear in your account. If you use another email you can add all licenses manually by entering the serial keys.

My account contains serial key licenses for now iLok protected plugins. Can I convert them to iLok?

Yes, for all iLok protected products you can convert convert your serial keys to iLok free of charge until 31st December 2022. After logging in you will see a link to convert your licenses to iLok. Note, that the conversion process cannot be reverted.

One of my licenses does not appear in my account. What to do?

After logging in to your account you see a link to add a missing serial at the top of the UserArea. You can enter the serial which is missing there. If it is a valid license it will then appear in your account.

How can I change my password?

If logged in you find a link to reset your password on the very bottom of the UserArea. Alternatively, you can press “lost your password” below the login form to reset your password.

How can I change my e-mail address?

To change your e-mail address please create a new account with the new e-mail. After logging in with your new mail address you can add your licenses by entering the serial keys. They will then automatically disappear from your old account.


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