Sounds of dance music pervade Druv Kent’s “Runaway”

Druv Kent

Now that the musical world has returned to normalcy – the choice of live gigs is the clincher here – it is also remarkable how citizens have accepted risk into their lives and, simultaneously, musicians have adapted it into their music, such as Singapore-based Druv Kent.

In what initially appears to be a brave decision – but, in retrospect, appears to be a sound one – is Kent’s targeting a younger audience with a funky piece supported by the keyboard-driven sounds of tabla and flute combined with an electronic beat for his new song, “Magaresa (Runaway)”, released on April 15. It is  issued from Kent’s forthcoming five-song EP, ‘Love in F#’, titled similar to French musician Marc Cerrone’s hit from 1976, “Love in C Minor”. The intent behind naming the song “Magaresa” is, in reality, the reversal of names of the first four notes of the Indian scales; “a happy accident” is how it has been described. “Magaresa (Runaway)” is available for streaming across popular digital platforms including, but not limited to, Spotify and YouTube.

Douglas Carr

The mystery behind Kent’s sound – although his distinctive vocals remain intact – is his collaboration with record producer Douglas Carr, born in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Carr has musically driven the sounds of many Swedish artists, such as Ace of Base, Meja, Leila K, and Dr. Alban to global recognition, and has also interacted with foreign performers such as Irish band The Corrs, American singer Nick Carter, and Jamaican reggae band Inner Circle. Carr has also found a vehicle to share his vast musical experience by becoming a member of the award committee of Polar Music Prize – the Swedish international award founded in 1989 by Stig Anderson, best known as the manager of Swedish band ABBA – as well as being a member of the board for STIM (Swedish International Music Composers Bureau) and SKAP (Swedish Composers Of Popular Music).

Narendra Kusnur

Kent won the ‘Best Live Performer’ award at the Hungama-organized Indian Independent Music Awards, held on March 25, 2022, whereas his 2019 Hindi song, “Hindustan Meri Jaan” which, says Kent, is “a song to the country of my birth – India – that still defines who I am every day”, is ranked among the ‘Top 10’ patriotic Indian songs of all time by veteran music journalist and Sudeep Audio supporter, Narendra Kusnur.

For those not aware of the 3 album, 13-single veteran Druv Kent, was born and raised in Kolkata, went to boarding school in Dehradun, and attended college in the U.S. As a child, Kent trained in Hindustani vocals, drums, and tabla; however, Kent was always ’ears ahead in his listening of Western sounds. “My heart was in vocals and percussion,” recalls Kent, “but I played guitar and keyboards more as compositional tools rather than for performing purposes”. In 2012, Druv sang for a Bollywood song with Agnee, the Pune-based Hindi rock band, for “Paa Paraa Paa” from the soundtrack of ‘Aalaap’. Apart from music, he had an interest in strategic and financial consulting, culminating in Kent becoming an investment banker in Singapore, a city where he currently resides.

While Druv Kent had found a strong niche for his pop sounds in the past, “Magaresa (Runaway)” firmly establishes that he is not a musician willing to rest on his laurels, but is hardy at taking risks too as, following multiple listens, the slow burner certainly picks pace!

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