What is this?

Family Matters. Yes, it is a pun! Family does matter.

And this "record keeping" product is for every individual who has some kind of an asset (property / investments / material items) in his or her name - anywhere in the world!

It is not meant to scare you or remind you about an uncertain and obvious event each one of us will face... Death. Well, actually it is :)
But more than anything else, this is that little red booklet or black diary, which has all your important personal information (health, financial and a lot more) even when you are alive and well.

Family Matters is available as a printed document (in Legal Paper size), as well an easy-to-use downloadable software (currently, for Windows PC only).

Its Purpose

With all your useful data organised and stored at one place, your spouse or children will find it easier to locate important or urgent information, when you are traveling or unavailable for some reason. Panic situations won’t arise hopefully then.

And after one moves on, his or her family members will grieve for say 13 days. Thereafter, they will have to start dealing with the realities of life - paper work with Government and other private agencies, transfers, etc etc. At such times, Family Matters (booklet / software) becomes a blessing in disguise.

For instance, your family will be able to transfer (or dispose off) your assets smoothly. And your social media pages won't get birthday greetings even after your departure.

With proper use of a Family Matters product, you can be rest assured of living (...and leaving) peacefully :)

How to use the Family Matters products?

The FM Booklet:

  • This is a 18 page booklet containing loose, pre-punched legal size sheets, printed on both sides, along with a filing clip.
    Sections like Personal Info, Medical History, Financials, Vehicles, User IDs, etc. make your filing logical and smooth.
  • In cases where you need to fill more data in a section, photocopy the blank sheet(s) first, and then start writing.
  • Always use a pencil. Once the essential, unchanging data is written, then use permanent ink on it to prevent any misuse.
  • Be very neat and accurate in your writing. Any illegible writing or even a wrong metric mentioned may create a havoc in the family later! For instance, a “Cr” written instead of “Lakh” could be disastrous.

The FM Software:

  • This stand-alone software (with password-protection facility) is recommended to those who can operate a basic data entry software on a computer (desktop / laptop).
  • The help tips are given in the software itself.
  • There is no cloud feature or internet connectivity in the software.
    All your data is stored locally on your own hard drive. This makes your data safer.
  • Keep taking regular backups of your data by exporting the pdf (or csv files) from within the software.
    Share the exported pdf file and the software's master password with the ones you trust.
System requirements:

Windows 7 or higher, 2GB RAM, 100Mb hard disk space.
Your data will occupy additional space on your local hard disk.

  • Once you place your request in the form below, the Family Matters software link is emailed to you.
  • Unzip the file to extract an .exe file.
  • Run it and install on a Windows PC.

Note: Before installation, scan the downloaded file for any possible virus infections. This is an additional precaution.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Once you have received your Family Matters physical booklet (or software), atleast once in a year, update it thoroughly.
    Treat this "record keeper" like your own Will. Make a copy of the completed Family Matters booklet for safety / backup.
  • Do ensure that the items / originals mentioned in Family Matters is actually kept where mentioned. Don’t start a treasure hunt game for the family!
  • And lastly, make sure that your closest aide in the family knows where the booklet or software has been stored. After all, these are Family Matters!
Important Notes:

For transfer or sale of property or assets, please always check the latest rules and regulations with your own trusted solicitor / lawyer.
For any financial ownership transfers and taxation impacts due to the same, use the help of a professional Chartered Accountant.

Help / FAQs

This section has links to for commonly asked questions related to investments, claims, transfers, closures and more.

It will be updated from time to time. So make sure you bookmark this page for regular updates.

*** Currently this section is under construction. ***

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