Family Matters is your personal "record keeper".

What is Family Matters?

Family Matters. Yes, it is a pun! Family does matter.

And this "record keeper" is for EVERY individual who has some kind of an asset (property / investments / material goods / online user IDs, etc.) in his or her name - anywhere in the world!

It is not meant to scare you, or remind you, about a certain event each one of us will face... "death". Well, actually it is ;-)
But more than anything else, this is THAT little red book or black diary, which will keep all your important personal information (medical, essential, financial and a lot more) even when you are alive and well.

Family Matters is now available in 3 variants - FM Medical, FM Essentials and FM Complete - as a downloadable and print-friendly pdf file. No data of yours is stored online on any server, unless you upload your file yourself on some online server or app to share with others.

Fill up the request form given below, and get your own pdf file(s) via email immediately on paying a nominal one-time fee. Take a printout of your purchased pdf file on Legal size papers at home or office, and fill it up neatly by hand and keep it with you safely.


  • Family Matters is NOT an online app to fill your data.
  • If you do not have LEGAL size sheets (in which the pdf files have been designed), change your print option to "FIT TO PRINT" from its default "Actual size" setting, and then print the pages on on A4 size paper.
  • Your information submitted in the request form below will not be shared with any third party. Nor will your email be spammed by us.
  • The FM pdf variants are being offered to you at a nominal charge. We request you to buy one and use it per person only.

#SAvings is a financial advisory division of LLP. These documents have been designed to help individuals organise their private data in an easy and safe manner.

The Purpose of Family Matters

With all your useful data organised and stored at one place (folder / file), your spouse or children will find it easier to locate important information or documents, when you are traveling, or unavailable for some reason or during any kind of emergency.

And after a person passes away, his or her family members will have to start dealing with the realities of life like paper work with Government / private agencies, investment transfers, etc. etc.

At such difficult times, a completed and accurately filled up Family Matters booklet becomes a blessing to your near and dear ones.

For instance, your family will be able to transfer (or dispose off) your assets smoothly.

Once you complete your data entry into your Family Matters booklet(s), you can be rest assured of living (...and leaving) peacefully.

Tips to use the Family Matters booklet(s)

  • After successful purchase of your FM booklet(s) (download size appx. 10 MB), please PRINT the booklet as per your wish - both sides or on individual sheets of LEGAL size. OR you may choose "fit to page" and print it on A4 sheets. SECTIONS like Personal Info, Financials, Insurance details, Vehicles Owned, Online User IDs, etc. upto 'After Me', have been sequenced in a logical manner in all the booklets.
  • In sections where you need to fill more data (example: Investments), take more printouts of those pages, and then begin writing in.
  • Be very neat and accurate in your writing / data entry. Any illegible writing, or even a wrong metric may create a havoc in the family later! For example, a “Crs.” written instead of just “Rs.” may become a disastrous one!
  • Insert photocopies of your original and valid documents within the Family Matter separators / sections. For example: your current Medical Insurance policy can be filed immediately after the Medical History section. This will also make your Family Matters a GOTO folder/file for finding copies of your regular documents required time and again.

DO'S AND DONT'S in using Family Matters

  • Atleast ONCE in a year, update the FM booklet entries where required (for example: online passwords, since they keep changing).
    Treat this "record keeper" like your own Will. Make a photocopy of the completely filled Family Matters booklet for additional safety or use.
  • Do ensure that the valuables / original documents mentioned in the booklet are actually kept where mentioned. Don’t start a treasure hunt game for the family in your absence.
  • And lastly, make sure that your closest aide(s) in the family know where the completed Family Matters booklet file has been kept / stored (share the password with your trusted aide too, if you have created it). After all, these are YOUR Family Matters!

Important Notes:

For transfer or sale of property or assets, please always check the latest rules and regulations of the land with your own trusted solicitor / lawyer.
For any financial ownership transfers and taxation impacts due to the same, use the help of a professional Chartered Accountant.

Click on the Download button below each product, and get the Family Matters .pdf / .xls file instantly!
Tip:Download the file(s) on a desktop or laptop.



₹49 FREE

Purpose: File your latest medical reports systematically for a quick and easy reference during regular vists to your doctor(s).

The FM Medical file will be extremely helpful during a medical emergency.

(FM Medical is NOT included in FM Essentials or FM Complete)

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₹69 FREE

Purpose: A must-have document organiser for each family member.

No financial or investment details section is included in the FM Essential organiser. This will make you want to share it openly with others at home or office.

(all FM Essential sections are included in FM Complete)

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₹99 FREE

Purpose: An exhaustive record keeper of your property, financial investments, business / job details, white goods owned, social media details, 3rd party services, and a lot more.

FM Complete is perhaps even more important than your Will! Get a PDF and an Excel sheet version too!

(FM Medical sections are not included in FM Complete)

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