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iZotope Stutter Edit 2
From the mind of BT

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    iZotope Stutter Edit 2
    From the mind of BT

    Stutter Edit 2 lets you create the famous “stutter” editing effect with one button to slice and dice your samples, tracks, and mixes. Fire off rhythmic gestures, sweeping filters, glitchy effects, or everything at once.

    Achieving the popular stutter effect can take hours of editing in your DAW, but iZotope’s Stutter Edit 2 gets the job done in seconds. Designed by electronic music guru BT, this plug-in gives you one-button access to this often-used effect, enabling you to slice and dice your samples, tracks, and mixes. A Curve Editor makes deploying sweeping filters, pumping reverbs, and blends of lo-fi energy easy, while a cache of top-shelf effect modules really gets your blood pumping. BT-designed banks and gestures put a wealth of effects, ideas, and sounds at your fingertips. Stutter Edit 2 also includes an overhauled UI with a dedicated output section, easier Stutter controls, and a flexible system for saving banks and gestures. If you want to elevate your productions with percussive patterns, soaring pop vocal edits, glitched-out dubstep breakdowns, and more, iZotope’s Stutter Edit 2 will get you there.



    • Playable stutter effect for studio and stage designed by BT
    • Huge amount of control over slicing/stuttering in real time
    • Create completely unique stutter effects — turn pitch into rhythm, and rhythm into pitch
    • 2-band Distort module for adding grit to your tracks
    • Comb and Chorus modules supply extra movement within your mixes
    • Reverb module from BT’s personal collection adds ear-tickling dimensionality to your projects
    • 11 effects that span from lo-fi ear candy to attention-grabbing tape stops
    • Curve Editor enables every knob and slider to move in sync with your DAW
    • Auto mode gives you 1-button access to auditioning sounds with zero routing
    • Effects linked to simple gestures on a MIDI controller
    • Banks and gestures designed by BT deliver a wealth of effects, ideas, and sounds
    • Custom banks provide access to dozens of unique gestures
    • Experiment with a huge range of effect sounds by playing keys or pads on a MIDI controller
    • Create complex retriggering, pan and gating edits using instrument tracks and entire songs
    • Improvise live remixes with stutter fills, filter sweeps, and build-ups that sound like they were produced in the studio
    • The perfect companion for Ableton Live for laptop performances and DJ sets
    • Use Stutter Edit in the studio on vocals, drums, and other instruments to re-create painstaking stutter-editing techniques
    • Grid feature automatically corrects your timing when performing effects live
    • Overhauled UI with dedicated output section, easier Stutter controls, and flexible system for saving banks and gestures


iZotope Stutter Edit 2 - From the mind of BT