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Magix Sound Forge Pro 14
Advanced Audio Waveform Editor

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    Magix Sound Forge Pro 14
    Advanced Audio Waveform Editor

    SOUND FORGE Pro is back and it's better than ever. It has always been an incredible tool for recording, editing and processing audio at the highest possible standard. Thanks to its multi-channel recording, intuitive workflow, extremely powerful editing features and array of mastering plug-ins, SOUND FORGE Pro set new standards in the audio industry for over two decades. Now, with the release of SOUND FORGE Pro 12, the 64-bit engine, VST3 effect support and many more hi-end audio plug-ins secures the software position as the number one choice for audio professionals worldwide.

    The best just got better:

    SOUND FORGE Pro has been the tool of choice for ambitious audio editing for over 25 years. Version 14 offers powerful tools for professional recording, editing, mastering and restoration. SOUND FORGE Pro lets you achieve maximum quality results at the highest level of technology.



    • An amazingly versatile audio editor for Windows PCs that supports up to 32-channel 64-bit/384kHz audio
    • 64-bit architecture harnesses all of your computer's power to run large, system-intensive projects
    • Powerful recording workflows provide one-touch solutions for most conventional recording tasks
    • Puts sample-accurate editing tools right at your fingertips
    • VST3 compatibility gives you access to a vast array of third-party plug-ins
    • POW-r dithering algorithms ensure great-sounding masters
    • Audio restoration tools and a robust multiband compressor culled from Magix's flagship Sequoia software
    • Comprehensive iZotope DSP includes integrated mastering, repair, and vocal processing
    • Fully customizable interface and layouts let you work the way you like to work
    • Benefit from video sound optimization without re-rendering
    • Use scripting to automate common tasks and create customized features
    • Transfer audio data between Sound Forge Pro and SpectraLayers Pro seamlessly
    • Waveform Overview Bar makes file navigation extremely easy
    • Input bus effects let you create a vibe for your talent by sweetening your source signal with plug-in effects
    • Automatic time-based recording schedules recordings on a recurring basis
    • Use the Event Tool to split, trim, fade, crossfade, and perform other essential audio editing
    • Open, edit, and save multichannel audio data from XDCAM, field recorders, and surround mixes, with sample-accurate precision
    • Create your own loops for use in ACID software
    • CALM-targeted metering provides super-accurate loudness metering
    • Win the volume war with powerful metering options
    • Fully integrated DAO CD mastering generates Red Book-compliant masters for duplication
    • Channel Converter tool supports multichannel formats for easy downmixing of multichannel files to stereo or mono
    • Zplane elastique timestrech makes time-stretching totally transparent
    • Phase Scope helps you find phase cancellation among the channels in your audio
    • Multichannel-capable spectrum analysis shows multiple graphs depicting fundamental frequencies and overtones in your recordings
    • Batch conversion applies the same effects and processes to multiple files, saving hours of editing time
    • Clipped peak detection and marking automatically scans files and marks clipped peaks
    • Noise generators include white, pink, and brown noise for acoustic analysis and synthesis
    • Acoustic Mirror software plug-in creates real physical space and signal path environments to your audio
Magix Sound Forge Pro 14 - Advanced Audio Waveform Editor