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Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch
An Innovative next generation MIDI pitch bend system

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    Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch
    An Innovative next generation MIDI pitch bend system

    Pitch bend wheel is a very frequently used tool by most keyboard players in India to add expressions like vibrato and pitch bend into their performance, but it cannot bend more than 2 semitones at any given note and doesn't understand what scale you play. 90% of our Indian ragas consists of bends more than 2 semitones ( desh, mohanam etc) and it is difficult to perform such bends with standard pitch bend system, with fluid pitch you can fluidly bend within any raga making performances of indian music much easier.

    Fluid Pitch is an innovative pitch bend system which can be used with any standard MIDI keyboard. Using Fluid Pitch you can experience:

    • smooth pitch bending
    • Polyphonic scale locked pitch bending
    • access MPE synths
    • Micro tune individual notes, and
    • open new dimensions in creativity on stage and in the studio.

    Scale locked pitch bend system:

    Just select your Root key and set your Scale. Then start expressing in a specific scale or raga.
    Your bends will move and travel only within that chosen raga making musical expressions much easier!


    Polyphonic pitch bending:

    Fluid Pitch also lets you bend whole chords ( from C major to A minor ) with just a flick of a wheel. These capabilities open new sounding possibilities for studio music producers who want to sound new and unlock new dimensions in creativity.



    Finally, you can Micro-tune individual notes in your keyboard to play micro-tuned Indian scales and Arabic maqams.

Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch - An Innovative next generation MIDI pitch bend system