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Rebeat Digital Music Enterprise Software (MES)
Distribute your music to stores worldwide... now in Dolby Atmos too
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Rebeat Digital Music Enterprise Software (MES)
Distribute your music to stores worldwide... now in Dolby Atmos too

Rebeat Digital MES (Music Enterprise Software) is a central content management system through which labels can manage each and every administrative step in their master recording release chain. It is the first and only service worldwide to combine digital distribution with a full-fledged royalty accounting service - at a highly attractive price point!

Why use MES for your song or album distribution?
The current industry setup of separate systems for distribution and royalty accounting is highly expensive and creates a lot of hassle with data management. With REBEAT MES, accounting your revenues to your artists becomes a matter of only a few mouse clicks. All of the tedious tasks from metadata management to the import of sales reports and royalty accounting to artists are bundled into one single piece of software. REBEAT MES can be operated with a minimum of time and manpower to help you free resources for those tasks that actually matter to you.

REBEAT MES (one time, lifetime purchase) includes:
- Fully automated data management in one single central label database
- Fully automated royalty accounting and reporting to artists
- Accounting of US mechanical royalties
- Accounting of YouTube Royalties
- Free regular updates for life
- Delivery to all online music stores (automatic delivery to any new stores)
- Monthly statements and automatic profit pay-outs
- Matrix module
- one of the first indie-distributors in the world for Dolby Atmos tracks!
- Free support

Keep 85% of Your Revenue when distributing via REBEAT Digital
- Direct agreements with all digital music stores guarantee higher revenues.
- Payouts occur quarterly to your Indian bank account (once your account crosses EUR 50).

• Sales Dashboard
- Get daily sales graphs and filter data by date, country, store, track, album, artist or label.
- Easily export all sales data into a CSV file.

•  Artist Dashboard
- The Artist Dashboard shows your contractual partner their Daily Sales in the web browser.
- Ofcourse your contractual partner will only be shown the tracks that you have selected for their contract. Then you simply set up individual login data for every artist, so they can always access and follow their own sales data.

•  Artist Accounting
Manage royalty accounting for each of your artists while factoring in varying contractual agreements for individual tracks.

•  Data Export
Export the metadata of your products in the REBEAT database to a CSV file.


OPTIONAL Additional Modules you can subscribe to:

Expand your business with additional useful Modules in the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software and maximize your service for yourself and your contractual partners.

By default, MES includes digital distribution via REBEAT, Artist Accounting and Mechanicals Accounting for download sales in the US. MES comes at a special INDIA price!!


Cost structure:

• One time purchase of the software (get free updates)
• Payout: 85% of all revenues we receive from the stores
• EUR 1 upload fee per track (one-time)
• no membership fees, no per-store fees and no regular (monthly or annual) fees for your products to stay live on the shops.


OPTIONAL costs include:

  • Metadata Update (corrections in text after upload): EUR 5 per product
  • Takedown of an album: EUR 10 per product (free at contract termination)
  • ISRC code: EUR 1 per track (if you don't have the code)
  • EAN/UPC barcode: EUR 5 per product (if you don't have a code)


The Main benefits of Rebeat MES:

- One central system for content management, distribution and royalty accounting.
- No more fragmentation of data across a multitude of different services.
- Maximum flexibility in digital distribution.
- Wide range of add-on modules to customise MES to individual requirements.
- Significant reduction of work, time and overhead costs.
- Can be operated by a single person!

NEW functions added!!

Mastered for iTunes: If you use HD audio files, you can activate Mastered for iTunes (MFit) in the product data and add the iTunes-certified mastering-studio. Your product will be awarded with the certificate Mastered for iTunes in Apple stores.

• Save table layouts in Analytics: You can adapt the table layout with Drag & Drop in our statistics tool Analytics for Daily / Preview / Final settlement. Now your individual table layout is automatically saved and used for your next MES session.

• New product status 'Review': We've added the new status Review to the left menu bar. Here you find your products that have been uploaded to our server and which are currently being reviewed by our quality management. Only after passing the quality check your products will be distributed to the stores.

• Two billion Facebook users can soon use your music for their own videos, pictures and clips. Rebeat has struck a deal with Facebook that allows you to offer your music on the biggest social network and thus earn additional royalties!

Last Update 25-Jun-2021
  • Windows 8.1 (Extended Support), Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
  • 550 MHz+
  • 1 GB free RAM
  • Standard audio device
  • 150 MB free hard disc plus size of upload files in wav format
  • High Speed Internet (ISDN, DSL, cabel modem or fast connection)

If you use Mac/Apple, you can work with MES via Boot Camp or Parallels.


First installation steps

Last Update 25-Jun-2021
  • Downloadable software (60 Mb) for PC. No box.
  • Register your CD-key (i.e. product serial) received via email here >>

Last Update 25-Jun-2021
  • REGISTER your CD-key serial you received from us over here >>
  • Registered users can re-download Rebeat MES installer file from here >>
  • for Remote Maintenance click here >>

  • Current list of worldwide and India stores here >>


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Rebeat Digital Music Enterprise Software (MES) - Distribute your music to stores worldwide... now in Dolby Atmos too