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Ujam Virtual Bassist MELLOW
Smooth & Elegant Fingered Acoustic Bass

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    Ujam Virtual Bassist MELLOW
    Smooth & Elegant Fingered Acoustic Bass

    Forget Double Bass as you know it! Please meet Virtual Bassist MELLOW – a double bass played by a jazzy acoustic hipster that offers body, texture and a big bottom end.

    What’s new in the version 2.1 update?

    • We will provide Studio One users running on version 4.6.2 or later with an exclusive PreSonus chord and key track feature!
    • The plug-ins now have a built-in DAW sync to quantize them to the current grid, 1/4, 1/8 or 1/16th notes.
    • With the parallel key selection, modulation techniques are now possible.
    • We added a loading bar that displays the loading status of the sample library when opening the instrument in the DAW.
    • With the 2.1 update, Virtual Bassist user interfaces are resizable to fit on small screens.


    What you get
    ● A total of 60 Styles and 1380 Phrases
    ● An upright bass that goes from smooth to powerful
    ● Powerful-yet-simple sound shaping options
    ● Artificially intelligent articulation modeling


    > Smooth and elegant
    However, MELLOW is not only meant for jazz trios. It gives Singer Songwriter, RnB and Hip Hop styles a soft, soulful and acoustic realism.

    Organic, hip and yummy
    Virtual Bassist MELLOW – inside is a meticulously recorded acoustic double bass, played with soul and feeling, implanted in a virtual instrument that adds realism, behavior and a player who knows his way around. Smooth, elegant, with the odd sound here and there. At home as a subtle foundation in a jazz trio as well as a powerful second voice in hip hop.

    Frustration-free design
    As with every UJAM product, MELLOW benefits from the frustration-free design philosophy, meaning that anyone can make music faster, better and easier with this product, regardless of their level of experience in music production. Simply follow the simple controls on the user interface to use one of over 60 styles and 1380 phrases for your tracks.


    Features at a glance:

    MELLOW’s smooth, soulful and acoustic realism is unique. Even seasoned bass players themselves will appreciate the ability to get great sounding ideas down fast – with practically zero learning curve.

    Player mode

    Virtual Bassist MELLOW has two distinct modes – Firstly, Player Mode, that gives you easy access to UJAMs traditional fail-free GUI and control set, just set the musical key and decide on the chords of the song and MELLOW does the hard work, even intelligently choosing the most appropriate articulations to augment your basslines.

    Instrument mode

    For those that want more control and are comfortable playing the keyboard, our brand-new Instrument mode will let you access the whole of MELLOW’s meticulously sampled fretboard with your MIDI controller, complete with dead notes, full stops and satisfying slides.

    > Sound shaping options

    Add that last bit of sparkle with MELLOW, a simple but powerful set of tone shaping controls with separate parameters for many useful sonic and performance-enhancing features.

    Experiment with amp selection, instant character changes on dial-up, note vibrato level, room reverb level, octave effects, not to mention dynamics and EQ.

Ujam Virtual Bassist MELLOW - Smooth & Elegant Fingered Acoustic Bass