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Vienna Instruments eLicenser Key
for ALL eLicenser based software

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    Vienna Instruments eLicenser Key
    for ALL eLicenser based software

    The eLicenser Key is necessary to run any VIENNA INSTRUMENT and several other software such as Cubase and Nuendo. This USB protection device (eLicenser) is not included in the box of any Vienna collection, and is a separate item you have to purchase additionally.

    You will need one ViennaKey for every computer you want to run a VIENNA INSTRUMENT on. So you'll have to order at least one Vienna Key with your first purchase.

    If you already own a Syncrosoft / eLicenser USB protection device (from Steinberg for instance), you can use it for the VIENNA INSTRUMENTS, too. Please download the latest "License Control Center" from the eLicenser website so all the relevant VIENNA INSTRUMENTS information is available on your Vienna Key.

    To know which eLicenser key to buy, read this article for clarity. Click here >>

Vienna Instruments eLicenser Key - for ALL eLicenser based software