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'I started dealing with Sudeep Audio from 2008 onwards, and have had a pleasant experience. I hope that all audio dealers were like Sudeep Audio. Fantastic products and excellent service (on sale and after sales). My best wishes to Sudeep Audio always. '

- DJ Suketu, One of India's best known Disc Jockeys

'Guys please give Sudeep Audio a big round of applause for tirelessly championing the cause of the indian musician and empowering him with the tools to create his music - software/hardware/direct connect with international tech heads/and running their company for the good of all musicians. I've known them from their root beginnings and still can't figure out how they make this business financially possible!! The team is passionate. Here's a big applause from me to you all. God Bless you and the future of the Indian Musician!'

- Lesle Lewis, Music Composer/Producer, Mumbai

'Sudeep Audio has introduced several revolutionary products, besides distributing music production software in India from across the globe. Their competitive pricing, quick deliveries and a strong after sales-support is world-class. I hope they go further into the business, contributing to every musician's success.'

- A R Rahman, Grammy and Academy Award winning music composer

'I have been dealing with Sudeep Audio since 2006. I must say that this company will take Indian musicians to the international markets in several ways. Being in Goa, I got to the music technology a little late in life, but now am happy that Sudeep Audio will keep me at par with others from bigger cities in India. Thanks a lot to your caring and professional team.'

- Frazer Pacheco, Music Composer/Remix artist, Goa

'As a leading and long year-experienced producer and distributor of music software with a worldwide field of activity Best Service Company/Germany has found a reliable, fast growing partner in Sudeep Audio for the promising market of India. Sudeep Audio demonstrated not only its high technical professionalism to us, but also an excellent service with regard to quickness and being up-to-date to the market demand as well as perfect correctness in all financial matters. We can much recommend Sudeep Audio as a business partner!'

- Lilo Steffen, International Sales Manager, Best Service (Germany)

Displaying: 1-5 of 45