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'I've been dealing with Sudeep Audio for years now, and i find the team extremely responsive. Most of the products are only a couple of days away and all the deals that are available to musicians in the West, are made available to us at pretty much the same rates. The range of products available is quite varied and there's something in there for everyone. In short, there is no excuse not to be making great music with somebody like them around. Sudeep Audio offers a wide range of weapons to add to your arsenal. GO PLAY!'

- Ranjit Barot, Music Composer/Producer, and one of India's best known drummers

'For me, SudeepAudio.com has always been a 'One Stop Shop' for all my musical needs - be it software, hardware or technical consultation. In my career now spanning over 10 yrs, I really don't recall buying anything from anybody else... Reason? Simply the largest arsenal of products that are extremely competitively priced and unmatched 'personal' attention from the SA team'

- Tapas Relia, Music Composer (Hanuman - animation movie, Lakhsmi, Mod, etc.)

'Sudeep Audio is a great place for all music producers and engineers. Its a one-stop shop for me cause if there is anything i need, be is hardware or the latest software, is available or is arranged within a short span of time. The personal relationship maintained by their team, and the promptness of their work is what distinguishes this company from the rest. i have full confidence in the growth of this company and will give my full support in all ways possible.'

- Raghav Sachar, multi-talented musician/composer, Mumbai

'SudeepAudio.com has been a tremendous help in keeping us upto date with the best in the music business. A one-stop shop for all our music needs, be it equipment or software. Software previously unavailable in india are now just a click away. SudeepAudio.com takes customer service a step further by encouraging endorsements and promoting artists on an international level. They even helped setting up our website! Look no further all your musical needs will be fulfilled here.'

- Tubby & Parik, Music Producers (Breathless, Guzaarish, 2 States, etc.)

'All i can say is that you guys have the courage and conviction to move forward in a country where too many people take the easy and convenient way out. You'll have been tirelessly promoting and introducing new products into the market legally and i thank you for that ! i am also sure that the tribe of people who believe in IP rights in all aspects will only grow and that will be your backbone in the future. i'm backing your concepts and vision all the way!'

- Roberto Narain, Co-founder, DrumJam, Bangalore

Displaying: 1-5 of 45