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 Buying Tips for 'Clearance Corner'

  1. If you have friends or family that are local to the seller (or maybe you can get there yourself without too much trouble), arrange for them to physically transact the purchase. True, it takes some of the convenience out of on-line buying, and it may not even be an option, but when it is possible it can do wonders for your peace of mind.
  2. Verify the address and phone numbers of the seller.
  3. Ask the seller for references of people they have sold items to previously. Most people buy and sell many times, so this is not an unreasonable request.
  4. Obviously, you should not just send the seller a cheque. Use your best judgement. If you've done business with the person before, know he or she is trustworthy, and know you re going to get a piece of good, workable equipment, then maybe you would feel comfortable just sending them your money. However, first time users might prefer other payment options. COD takes a lot of hassle out of the entire buying process.
  5. Don't agree to buy something unless you are absolutely certain that you want it. Sellers who use SudeepAudio.com's CLEARANCE CORNER are people, not businesses. Changing your mind after purchase will at best be a huge hassle and at worst impossible to undo. Once the transaction is complete, once you've paid for and received the item, the seller is under no obligation to take it back if you change your mind.
  6. Finally, read the Selling tips also. Having a good idea of what both buyer and seller expect from each other can help transactions go smoothly.

Ofcourse, brand-newproducts can always be bought from SudeepAudio.com directly :-)