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Akash Sehgal email: akashacvvk@gmail.com * Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen.) 9500 7000 1 year old card. Upgrading to new audio interface for new studio.

Rajesh Jhaveri email: rajeshjhaveri@hotmail.com (Mumbai) * Dynaudio M2 pair, BM6 pair and BM14Sii pair. All in mint working condition. MRP 50% of new price Do not need these anymore.

Gaurav Raina Tel 9811543210 (Delhi) * Behringer Deep Mind 12 Analog Synth. Factory packed. Bought in Sep 2018. 95000 85000 Bought another keyboard.
    * Behringer X-Touch Universal Control Surface. Factory packed. Bought in Sep 2018. 50000 45000 It's too big for my Desk and being a musician, i only needed a fader control. I didn't realize it's so big.

Luvkush Sengar Tel 9110102097 (Chennai) * Rode NT1-A microphone. 18000 14000 Purchased because of passion for music, but hardly used it.

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