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Flute Naveen Kumar shows his unique collection of flutes || conveSAtions || SudeepAudio
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My musical journey from Ratnagiri to Mumbai | Saurabh Lokhande || S11 E25 || converSAtions
Q&A with music composer and producer John Stewart Eduri || Coming Soon || SudeepAudio.com
Introducing Project Sam Adaptive Runs Kontakt Library || SudeepAudio.com
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Happy Diwali 2020 from the #tutoREal experts on Sudeep Audio converSAtions channel
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Musical journey, touring with KK, Lucky Ali | JD Bass || S11 E21 || converSAtions | SudeepAudio.com
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Q&A Session with Shantanu Hudlikar on sound engineering | S11 E19 || converSAtions | SudeepAudio.com
My musical journey in sound | Shantanu Hudlikar || S11 E18 || converSAtions | SudeepAudio.com
What is crossover network in audio (explained in Hindi) | Ashish Barje | S11 E17 | tutoREals
Sound design for Thackeray and Bandish Bandits | Rohit Pradhan || S11 E16 || converSAtions
My journey in sound engineering in India and then UK || Rohit Pradhan | S11 E15 || converSAtions
Chase your art to become better || Nishadh Chandra | S11 E14 || converSAtions | SudeepAudio.com
My musical journey and learning with Taufiq Qureshi | Nishadh Chandra | S11 E13 || converSAtions
Introducing Synchron Strings Pro || Vienna Instruments | SudeepAudio.com