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My musical journey from Kolkata to Mumbai | Sanjoy Das || S09 E05 || converSAtions | SudeepAudio.com
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10th anniversary messages for converSAtions channel
What is balanced and unbalanced audio (Hindi) | Ashish Barje | S12 E08 | tutoREals | SudeepAudio.com
Louiz Banks biography "A Symphony of Love" by Ashis Ghatak | The impact of Sudeep Audio interviews
How to create a pumping effect in EDM tracks | Nishadh Chandra | S12 E07 | tutoREals | Sudeep Audio
Basic Cajon exercises by Nishadh Chandra (in Hindi) || S12 E06 || tutoREals | SudeepAudio.com
Vocal and breath percussion techniques by Dipesh Varma | S12 E05 || tutoREals | SudeepAudio.com
Just breaths in a music track by Dipesh Varma || Trailer | SudeepAudio.com
How to make South Indian 6/8 rhythms || Nishadh Chandra | S12 E04 || tutoREals | SudeepAudio.com
Fluid Pitch introduced by music maestro AR Rahman || Pitch Innovations | SudeepAudio.com
Introducing Fluid Pitch by Pitch Innovations in India on Sudeep Audio webstore at a special price
Approach to music production in ad films and jingles || Promo || Ustad Taufiq Qureshi
How to arrange rhythm for songs, films, jingles | Taufiq Qureshi || Dipesh Varma | part 2 || S12 E03
Approach to rhythm arrangement in film songs || Promo || Ustad Taufiq Qureshi
Ustad Taufiq Qureshi shares his musical experiences | part 1 | Dipesh Varma | S12 E02 | Sudeep Audio
Ustad Taufiq Qureshi on Sudeep Audio channel | Season 12 || converSAtions | Promo 1
Q&A session with Shadab Rayeen | S12 E01 || converSAtions | SudeepAudio.com
Join us to watch Q&A session on Spotify for Artists || Premium tutoREals || SudeepAudio.com
How to use Spotify for Artists app for your song marketing || Premium tutoREal | Spotify India
Musical experiences of Paddy - Artists & Label Head at Spotify India | S11 E28 || converSAtions
Take a studio tour of TAG Institute for Sound Engineering Mumbai || Sudeep Audio
Q&A by John Stewart Eduri for our subscribers || converSAtions | Mirzapur theme music web series
Q&A session with music composer John Stewart Eduri | S11 E27 || converSAtions | SudeepAudio.com
Q&A with music producer Saurabh Lokhande | S11 E26 || tutoREals | SudeepAudio.com
My musical journey from Ratnagiri to Mumbai | Saurabh Lokhande || S11 E25 || converSAtions
Q&A with music composer and producer John Stewart Eduri || Coming Soon || SudeepAudio.com