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Warren Mendonsa on Sudeep Audio Season 2
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When you buy a software* (DAW / plugin / virtual instrument) from SudeepAudio.com, you not only get great products to produce music, but also indirectly make a difference in someone needy's life. And that too without spending an extra rupee!! The donation payment is made to the NGO by SudeepAudio.com from its own profits.

Our due diligence partner - GuideStar India - certifies NGOs as Platinum, Gold and Silver after an exhaustive verification process. GuideStar India is an information repository of over 11,000 NGOs, working to enable greater giving through trust and transparency.

Step 1: Buy software from SudeepAudio.com
Step 2: Every quarter, you will receive an email from us if the software is eligible in our donation programme
Step 3: Email us the donation code of your choice
We do the rest. No fee or amount charged to you at all.

Money guaranteed to reach the needy
The NGOs selected for Sudeep Audio have undergone varying levels of due diligence by GuideStar India
GSI is managed by a team of top professionals with no religious or political affiliation
Choice of cause and donation is entirely yours.

Go ahead, buy an original software and make a difference to someone needy at no extra cost!

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