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Today, to engage an audience that understands professional audio products with advertisements in magazines and even social media are passé!

Technical users of audio equipments are basically “kids at heart”. Pro Audio Games is a new way to engage customers with online games that can be played on desktops / mobile devices.

As a sponsor, you not only send your own content across to a focused audience (for example: new product announcement / feature training, etc.), but also get to reward them with discount coupons and/or prizes (with your own terms and conditions).

And the amount you spend on Pro Audio Games will actually be… an investment.

OPTION 1 Sponsor banners w/ URL

The content of every ProAudioGame is regularly updated by a dedicated team of sound engineers and musicians. That makes players visit the game of their choice regularly. A banner ad appears in every game with an embedded URL on all the gaming devices (desktop / tablet / mobiles).

Use this opportunity to announce new products or videos or any other link you want players to visit. And get your branding engrained in the minds of the players.

Spend far less than in print and even Google ads! Banners here will reach your target audience with much better ROI with your choice of URL in each one!

OPTION 2 Run contests and more!

In ProAudioGames, you can run your own games! The content in the ProAudioGame(s) you choose to sponsor, will be all yours. Basically, you own that game.

You can then offer discount vouchers to all participants, run lucky draws or contests with your own rules (for example: a goody bag to the first 10 fastest players). As a bonus, all game sponsors get 2 banners w/ URL displayed within your own game(s), for free!

OPTION 3 Along with Option 2, get player data in real time!

With a link and secure password provided, you can monitor the performance of the players of your sponsored ProAudioGame(s). Basic but useful data is shared! Emails are not shared with sponsors to protect privacy of the participants. Only the winners of a contest are notified by the sponsors via email.

This is an invaluable tool for your marketing strategy. And a highly recommended option for sponsorship.

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