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Pro Tools activation steps explained

Posted On30/03/2020
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After you receive your Avid Pro Tools activation key / serial from SudeepAudio.com, follow these steps given below carefully to activate, download and launch Pro Tools in your computer.

ProTools software download link is here >>

Each step below contains a short video with tutorial information that will walk you through creating your iLok.com and Avid.com accounts, using the iLok License Manager to manage your iLoks and licenses, and downloading and installing your Avid software.

If you’d like to bookmark the videos to view at a later time, go to the Pro Tools Activation playlist on the Avid YouTube channel.


Create an Avid Account

Create an Avid Master Account at account.avid.com. This account will allow you to activate your Avid software purchases and access your downloads. If you already have an Avid Master Account, skip to the next step.


Activate your Software

Visit avid.com/redemption to enter the Activation Code provided on the back of the Avid Activation Card or email you got on purchase from SudeepAudio.com (you will first need to log in to your Avid Master Account). You will need to enter your iLok.com User ID (created in Step 1 of this guide) during Activation.


Download your Software

Once you have activated your software, you will be directed to the Your Products section of your Avid Master Account. Here you will see all available downloads for your purchase; you can access these downloads at any time should you need to reinstall the software. Select the version you wish to download and install the software when the download is complete.


Download your Drivers

If you have not already done so, download and install the latest drivers for your Avid audio interface from avid.com/drivers. The most up-to-date drivers can always be found here, so there is no need to install from your driver disk as long as you have an internet connection.


Register iLok to iLok Account

Once your software is installed, use the iLok License Manager application to sign in to your ilok.com account. Insert your new iLok into your computer’s USB port and a dialog asking you to register the iLok to your account will appear. Select “Yes” to confirm. If you already have an iLok registered to your account, skip to the next step.


Download iLok License Manager

DISCLAIMER: Skip this process if you have installed Pro Tools into your computer already since the file installer when you download Pro Tools

While you’re at iLok.com, download the iLok License Manager. This application will allow you to manage all your licenses and accounts, without having to open a web browser.


Move License to iLok

Now that you have registered an iLok to your account, you will be able to move your software license to it. Simply select the license and drag it to your iLok, or select Activate License. You can move multiple licenses to the iLok by holding Shift to select them. If you want to move the license to another iLok, or back to your account for use later, use the same drag-and-drop method.


Move License to iLok Cloud

iLok Cloud

Indeed you can now activate your license without using an iLok key. Opening or enabling the iLok cloud session through the iLok license manager will help you to activate your Pro Tools license in a new way, making an extra USB port available in your computer because you will not be needing the physical iLok key anymore.

DISCLAIMER: iLok Cloud is only applicable for customers with Pro Tools 2018.1 or newer licenses and also not applicable for Pro Tools First.


Launch Pro Tools

Your software is now authorized on your active iLok, and you are ready to launch Pro Tools to use it! Pro Tools 11 allows you to activate most Avid software licenses directly, so if you missed the previous steps you can still get started without the iLok License Manager. Simply launch Pro Tools and follow the on-screen instructions to authorize your software!


For more information on the features of iLok License Manager, watch this video:

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