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Perfect Amalgamation

What a remarkable week it has been. For starters, a college mate, Ninad Karpe, who produced a Marathi play based on Hitchcock’s ‘Dial M For Murder’, ‘A Perfect Murder’, convinced me to attend it...

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Orchestral Sounds #3

Hi Everyone, I hope you’ve been finding the series useful so far. Catch up on part 1 and part 2. In this part 3, I will be going into the what, why and how...

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Servicing Vintage Electronics

Vintage electronics have their own charm; for some its nostalgia, for some its antique value and for some its just the way they work and perform. These systems, typically between the 1950’s to the...

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eLicenser keys explained

Buying original music software – DAW and plugins – always makes you feel happy and proud within. And that is a legal requirement for any commercial work done from home / an institute /...

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Sound setup in action

Know Your Sound Guy.

It was a hot April afternoon (read: 43 degrees Celsius), and i got a chance to attend the sound-check of a band that was visiting from another city. They had brought along their own...

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