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Blockchain strikes a chord for Indian music industry stakeholders

…with the introduction of blockchain technology in the Indian recording industry, the answer finally appears to be a singular one with the uniqueness of this technology bringing in trust among all stakeholders by rendering the lack of transparency obsolete and, with it, resolving the distinctive disconnect that appears to have existed among owners of music content, songwriters, and artists…

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Blockchain helps connect the musical dots

While blockchain technology was first discussed globally in 1991, followed by further dialogue in the 2010s, the music business appeared as a slow learner. No more, as we move into 2022, the recording industry moves into top gear, ready and willing to make up for lost ‘ears! The #SAundCheck team at takes a deep dive into the technology behind blockchain in the first of a three-part series, before focusing on the introduction of blockchain within the Indian recording industry and the benefits it hopes to reap for stakeholders in part two, culminating in the catch phrase of the new decade, non-fungible tokens [or NFTs], in its concluding part. Parag Kamani attempts to provide explanations…

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